Academy of International Business 2013 Conference, Placement Center,
Istanbul Turkey

The 2013 AIB Conference is quickly approaching. I am writing to invite
academic institutions and job applicants to submit your position
announcements and/or resumes. The sooner we get them, the more exposure you
will get with potential applicants or recruiters.

The Academy of International Business Placement Center is a *free* service
for position applicants and institutions who will be attending or
represented in the AIB 2013 conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Academy of International Business Placement Service will be available
at the 2013 AIB Annual Conference in Istanbul, Turkey from July* 4 - July
6, 2013*. During these days, applicants and universities can use the
placement center facility for interviews.

 If you are a job applicant or a School / College with an open position
that you would like to advertise, please visit the Placement Services home
page for more detailed instructions on how and where to submit your
information in a ONE-PAGE format at :

**All postings and C.V.s should be only 1 page in a PDF format sent via
email to [log in to unmask]**

The placement center web page will be updated on a daily basis, hence I
invite recruiters and job applicants to visit the website regularly and
make direct contacts with applicants or institutions of interest *prior* to
the conference.

Our mission is to bring both applicants and academic institutions closer in
a private and relaxed environment. Therefore, together with my placement
center team, I would like to extend my invitation to use our free placement
services and contact us if we can be of any assistance:
[log in to unmask]**

I look forward to seeing you in Istanbul, Turkey!

Dr. Hadi Alhorr, Coordinator
AIB Placement Services
Sponsored by
Boeing Institute for International Business
John Cook School of Business
Saint Louis University
AIB Annual Meeting
Washington D.C.
June 30 - July 3, 2012
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