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Call for Papers:

Special Issue of Journal of Management Studies




Submission Dates: May 1, 2013¡ª June 1, 2013


Special Issue Conference: February, 2014


Guest Editors:

Zeki Simsek, School of Business, University of Connecticut

Justin Jansen, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Alessandro Minichilli, Department of Management & Technology, Bocconi University

Alejandro Escriba-Esteve, Department of Management, University of Valencia

Marta Geletkanycz, Carroll School of Management, Boston College



Research on large, publicly-traded firms demonstrates that strategic leaders including chief executive officers (CEOs), board of directors (BODs), and top management teams (TMTs) impact the form, fortunes, and fates of firms. Although the nature, elements, and process of strategic leadership effects in entrepreneurial contexts significantly differ from those in large firms, a richly informed understanding of the -how, -why,¡¬ -when,¡¬ and -what¡¬ of strategic leadership in such settings has proven elusive. Given the unique demands of entrepreneurial firms ¨C a category which encompasses high growth organizations, family firms, and new/emerging ventures ¨C leaders often play a distinct and highly central role in the firm¡¯s strategic, tactical, and even operating core; thus, their influence on the firm is likely pronounced. What¡®s more, for reason of ownership and compensation differences, the financial and employment (dismissal) risks borne by strategic leaders in entrepreneurial contexts are often distinct from those exhibited in their larger counterparts. And of course, because entrepreneurial firms routinely create new wealth and stimulate growth through innovations, new business models, and/or niche-focused strategies, they provide a uniquely dynamic context for linking strategic leadership to a diverse sample of significant behaviors and outcomes. Consequently, the purpose of this special issue is to provide a forum for works that build on the constraints, challenges, processes, opportunities, and other salient elements of entrepreneurial firms and settings to advance theory and testing on strategic leaders and leadership effects, and in so doing, enrich our understanding of firms operating in entrepreneurial contexts including their performance. We invite submissions from multiple theoretical perspectives, and are open to diverse research types including conceptual, case/qualitative, survey-based, archival, longitudinal, or mixed method.


Research Questions

We encourage submissions that advance new theories and pursue innovative approaches rooted in the idiosyncratic elements of entrepreneurial firms and their leaders. While not an exhaustive list, the following are some more specific examples of topics that this special issue is intended to highlight:


(1)    Novel theory on strategic leaders and leadership effects

¡¤         How should we conceptualize and examine strategic leadership effects in entrepreneurial firms and settings?

¡¤         How do founder and non-founder CEOs differ, and what effect does founder status have on the destinies of firms?

¡¤         What is a TMT in entrepreneurial firms? What are the central elements of TMTs in entrepreneurial settings? And how do these elements shape the firm¡¯s behavior and outcomes?

¡¤         What are the unique types and patterns of strategic leadership in entrepreneurial settings?


(2)   Multilevel strategic leadership effects

¡¤         What are salient nesting (internal and external) arrangements that exist within strategic leadership levels of entrepreneurial firms?

¡¤         How do CEOs impact firm behavior and outcomes through top-down (middle-managers) and bottom-up (Boards) influences?

¡¤         How do TMTs shape firm behavior and outcomes through middle and possibly operating managers?


(3)   Causal mechanisms of strategic leadership effects

¡¤         How should we conceptualize and examine proximal and distal strategic leadership effects within entrepreneurial firms?

¡¤         How do interactions, coordination, and interfaces among strategic leaders shape entrepreneurial firm behavior and outcomes?


(4)   Temporal and/or recursive strategic leadership effects

¡¤         How does strategic leadership in entrepreneurial settings evolve and change as the entrepreneurial firm grows and evolves?

¡¤         How and why do strategic leaders withdraw from entrepreneurial firms and settings?

¡¤         What is the impact strategic leadership fluidity on entrepreneurial firm behavior and outcomes?


Deadlines and Submission Instructions

Papers will be reviewed following the regular Journal of Management Studies double-blind review process.


The submission period for papers is May 1, 2013¡ª June 1, 2013.  Please submit your papers electronically to the special issue e-mail at: [log in to unmask] indicating that the submission is intended for this special issue. Please ensure that you have followed the Submission Guidelines for Journal of Management Studies



Special Issue Conference


In the interest of maximizing scholarly refinement of potential papers to be published in the Special Issue of Journal of Management Studies, a special issue development workshop will be held in February 2014 at Erasmus University, the Netherlands, in collaboration with and support from the Rotterdam School of Management and Center for Entrepreneurship Research. Authors of all revised papers after a first R&R will be expected to present their work and engage in a lively discussion with the audience. Based on the review process and the feedback received from the audience at the conference, authors are expected to submit their paper again after the conference. Acceptance to/presentation in the conference does not guarantee publication in the Journal.


More Information

To volunteer as a reviewer for the special issue or need more information please write to the contact Editor Zeki Simsek ([log in to unmask]), or the other special issue editors.


Zeki Simsek, [log in to unmask]

Justin Jansen, [log in to unmask]

Alessandro Minichilli, [log in to unmask]

Alejandro Escriba-Esteve, [log in to unmask]

Marta Geletkanycz, [log in to unmask]    




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