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Management and Organization Review, Volume 9, Issue 1 (March 2013), presents
six interesting articles on a variety of topics, all of which are available
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We hope you will enjoy reading this issue’s interesting articles!

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Management and Organization Review

(c) 2013 The International Association for Chinese Management Research

Volume 9, Issue 1 Pages 1 - 207, March 2013

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<> Wiley
Online Library



 <> Calling
for Humanistic Scholarship in China (pages 1–15)
Anne S. Tsui and LiangdingJia


 <> Winter
Tree (page 16)


 <> Going
(More) Public: Institutional Isomorphism and Ownership Reform among Chinese
Firms. (更多的)上市流通:制度同构与中国公司的股权改革 (pages 17–51)
Heather A. Haveman and Yongxiang Wang


 <> Buddha's
Hands (page 52)


t> Transformation of State-owned Enterprises in China: A Strategic Action
Model. 中国国有企业改制:一个战略行动模型 (pages 53–86)
Runtian Jing (井润田) and E. Patrick McDermott


t> The CEO's Representation of Demands and the Corporation's Response to
External Pressures: Do Politically Affiliated Firms Donate More? CEO所代表的
诉求和公司对外部压力的反应:具有政治关联的公司捐赠更多吗? (pages 87–114)
Ming Jia and Zhe Zhang


t> Technological Capability, Marketing Capability, and Firm Performance in
Turbulent Conditions. 技术能力、市场能力与企业绩效:基于环境不确定性的研究
(pages 115–137)
Zhongfeng Su (苏中锋), JishengPeng (彭纪生), HaoShen (沈灏) and Ting Xiao


 <> One
Country, Two Systems (page 138)


t> Larger or Broader: Performance Implications of Size and Diversity of the
Knowledge Worker's Egocentric Network. 更多或更广:知识员工个人中心网络大小
和多样性对绩效的影响 (pages 139–165)
Liang Chen (陈亮) and Guy G. Gable


 <> Chinese
Guanxi: An Integrative Review and New Directions for Future Research. 中国人
的关系: 综合文献回顾及未来研究方向 (pages 167–207)
Chao C. Chen, Xiao-Ping Chen and Shengsheng Huang


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