Dear Colleagues:

I would like to invite you contribute a chapter to a volume on Open Innovation through Strategic Alliances. Please find more information about it below or contact me if you wish to explore further. Thank you very much for your collaboration.

A Call for Book Chapters


Refik Culpan, Ph.D. (Editor)

Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg

Middletown, PA 17057, USA

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Phone: 717 948 6166



Since Henry Chesbrough coined the term “open innovation” and introduced it as imperative for creating and profiting from technology in 2006, there has been growing recognition of open innovation business models among academicians and business managers. Consequently, publications on the exploration, application, and assessment of open innovation have spurred in recent years. There is almost consensus among scholars and practitioners that open innovation provides firms with leverage of knowledge expansion resulting in competitive advantages and above-average returns. One of the major means of achieving open innovation has been strategic alliances between firms, and between firms and research institutions. This edited volume will contribute to our understanding of open innovation through strategic alliances by demonstrating its principal forms, issues, and challenges in different industries, and in national and international contexts.

TENTATIVE TABLE OF CONTENT (suggested topics, but not limited to those listed below).

·         Open Innovation Business Models and the Role of Strategic Alliances (already authored by the editor)

·         Theoretical Foundations of Open Innovation and its Connection to Strategic Alliances

·         Open Innovation through Joint Ventures

·         Open Innovation through R&D Partnerships

·         Open Innovation through Organizational Networks

·         Open Innovation through Collaborative Community of Firms

·         Business-University Collaboration for Innovation

·         Strategic Alliances for Open Innovation in Specific Industries 1 (to be named)

·         Strategic Alliances for Open Innovation in Specific Industries 2 (to be named)

·         Strategic Alliances for Open Innovation in a Global Context

·         Building and Managing Trust between the Partners for Open Innovation

·         Challenges and Prospects of Strategic Alliances for Open Innovation


April 30, 2013             Submission of an abstract of the manuscript

June 30, 2013              Submission of the completed manuscript

July 15, 2013              Submission of revision of the manuscript, if it is necessary

I hope that you will find this volume a suitable outlet for your scholarly work on this popular topic.

Best regards,

Prof. Refik Culpan

Penn State University at Harrisburg, USA


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