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We’d like to introduce a major special issue in the journal critical perspectives on international business.  ‘Russia: as solid as a BRIC?’ is guest edited by Snejina Michailova, Daniel McCarthy and Sheila Puffer.


The issue highlights Russia's strengths that have been the foundation of its membership in the BRICs, but also recognises the weaknesses that have led to an ambivalence about retention of this status.


Free access to the papers has been set up until the end of April – please click here to access the papers, which are also listed below.


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We welcome responses and rebuttals, which should be sent to the editors in the first instance.


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CPoIB 9.1-2


Russia: as solid as a BRIC?

Authors: Snejina Michailova, Daniel J. McCarthy, Sheila M. Puffer

Article Type: Viewpoint


Institutional environment, innovation capacity and firm performance in Russia

Authors: Doren Chadee, Banjo Roxas

Article Type: Research paper


Challenges of international technology collaboration with Russian R&D organisations

Authors: Anna Trifilova, Dean Bartlett, Yochanan Altman

Article Type: Research paper


Foreign market selection by Russian MNEs – beyond a binary approach?

Authors: Olga E. Annushkina, Renata Trinca Colonel

Article Type: Research paper


Strategic responses of foreign subsidiaries to host country corruption: The case of Finnish firms in Russia

Authors: Päivi Karhunen, Riitta Kosonen

Article Type: Research paper


The development of legal professionalism in Russia: an institutional perspective

Authors: Daria Panina, Leonard Bierman

Article Type: Conceptual paper


Talent management in Russia: not so much war for talent as wariness of talent

Authors: Nigel Holden, Vlad Vaiman

Article Type: Research paper


Building theory with BRICs: Russia's contribution to knowledge sharing theory

Authors: Ruth C. May, Wayne H. Stewart Jr

Article Type: Conceptual paper


Performance of Russian SMEs: exploration, exploitation and strategic entrepreneurship

Authors: Galina Shirokova, Gina Vega, Liubov Sokolova

Article Type: Research paper


Paradise postponed? Venture capital emergence in Russia

Authors: David Lingelbach

Article Type: Research paper


A critical view of Russia's IPO market: a sign of success or a reason for caution?

Authors: Daniel J. McCarthy, Sheila M. Puffer, Snejina Michailova

Article Type: Research paper



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