Dear All,
for 10+ years at SDA Bocconi (Milan, Italy) we had been hosting international study weeks organized for business schools from
all over the world. 

The focus was on global strategies by Italian/European companies, doing business in Europe/Italy, peculiarities of the Italian economy (family
business, SMEs, but also fashion & luxury & design industries, luxury automotive, food & beverage, tourism and so on). The teaching methods
combined regular classes with company visits guided by our faculty members, a Kitchen Lab, guest speakers sessions, "combined" field research projects with SDA Bocconi students and so on. 

Our main goal was to create a true international "field" trip, while avoiding its "degeneration" into an excursion, which is often a risk.

In the attempt to enhance the value for the incoming international student groups (our usual reference group is MBA/EMBA/Master of Science, but also executives) I would appreciate if anyone would like to discuss or share similar experiences, to exchange ideas on how to create the best possible international "full emersion" overseas programs, such as:

a) integration of overseas Study Tours to IB courses
b) theoretical framing of overseas Study Tours 
c) students' workload before, during and after the Study Tour
d) evaluation methods
e) the "right" balance between theory/concepts and industry/country
f) self-managed Study Tours (organized by MBA/EMBA students)
g) learning process during company visits and guest speakers sessions
h) ideas for "field" group projects
i) exploratory Study Tours for executives

As a benchmark, the description of current SDA Bocconi Study Tour programs (key topics/company visits description & sample programs for 1-2 week Study Tours) is downloadable here: I would be happy to post to AIB mailing list the synthesis of the best practices emerged from our discussions. 

Thank you.

With best regards from SDA Bocconi (Milan,Italy).


Olga E. Annushkina, MBA PhD
SDA Professor
SDA Bocconi School of Management 
Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management Department 
Via Bocconi, 8
20136 Milan - Italy
Tel. + 39 02 5836 6309 
Fax. + 39 02 5836 6893
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