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New Articles in Press, 6 February-12 February 2013
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  1. Internationalization and Performance of Firms in China: Moderating Effects of Governance Structure and the Degree of Centralized Control   Original Research Article

Available online 8 February 2013
Simon Shufeng Xiao, Insik Jeong, Jon Jungbien Moon, Chris Changwha Chung, Jaiho Chung

Journal of International
                                Management Journal of International Management

Volume 19, Issue 1,  Pages 1-102, March 2013

Diaspora Investment and Entrepreneurship: The Role of People, their Movements, and Capital in the International Economy
Edited by Masaaki Kotabe, Liesl Riddle, Petra Sonderegger and Florian A. Täube

  1. Editorial Board   

Pages IFC

  2. Appreciation to the previous Editorial Board and Welcome to the new Editorial Board   

Pages 1-2
Masaaki “Mike” Kotabe

  3. Diaspora Investment and Entrepreneurship: The Role of People, Their Movements, and Capital in the International Economy   

Pages 3-5
Masaaki Kotabe, Liesl Riddle, Petra Sonderegger, Florian A. Täube

  4. The Evolving Diaspora of Talent: A Perspective on Trends and Implications for Sourcing Science and Engineering Work   Original Research Article

Pages 6-13
Arie Y. Lewin, Xing Zhong

  5. Embedded Diasporas: Shaping the Geopolitical Landscape   Original Research Article

Pages 14-25
Deborah E. de Lange

  6. Diaspora Concentration and the Venture Investment Impact of Remittances   Original Research Article

Pages 26-46
Paul M. Vaaler

  7. To share or not to share: The role of affect in knowledge sharing by individuals in a diaspora   Original Research Article

Pages 47-65
Helena Barnard, Catherine Pendock

  8. Counterfeit Smuggling: Rethinking Paradigms of Diaspora Investment and Trade Facilitation   Original Research Article

Pages 66-81
Kate Gillespie, J. Brad McBride

  9. The Boundary Spanning Effects of the Muslim Diaspora on the Internationalization Processes of Firms from Organization of Islamic Conference Countries   Original Research Article

Pages 82-98
Andreas Schotter, Dina Abdelzaher


  Book Reviews
  10. Andrei Panibratov, Russian Multinationals: From Regional Supremacy to Global Lead(2012), Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group 978-0-415-61588-4 (hardcover), 226 pages, $155.00   

Pages 99-100
Alexei Koveshnikov

  11. Vincent Edwards, Anh Phan, Managers and Management in Vietnam: 25 years of Economic Renovation (doi moi)(2013), Routledge 978-0-415-58459-3 (xx + 130 pp. (hardcover), Pri £85)   

Pages 101-102
Ed Clark


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