I am not aware of any problem.

I do know that some have applied Diatomaceous Earth as an insecticide in the row at planting. I am not sure of the insects controlled but DE would be a natural source of minerals. Five to ten pounds per acre should help. Separate applicator boxes would be required for correct placement.

Jay McCaman
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  Hey field crop farmers-any probs with corn insects if you preceded the crop with rye cover?
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  Subject: Winter Rye, Corn and Insects

  Who has had issues with corn insects in the spring following a winter rye cover crop? 
  What are solutions beyond in-furrow insecticide?
  ---a different cover crop?
  ---timing of termination?
  ---nitrogen application timing?
  ---tillage versus no tillage?
  ---a cover crop mix?
  ---corn genetics?

  Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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