Here's an announcement from Ellen Iverson for a virtual journal club, offered as part of On the Cutting Edge professional development program.

Application deadline is January 7, 2013.


Measuring Student Success: Virtual Journal Club on Assessment Methods
Events on: February 19, March 19, April 16, & May 14, 2013
Conveners: Ellen Iverson, Joshua Caulkins, Bruce Herbert, and Karen Viskupic

Understanding what our students are learning is fundamental to good teaching and lies at the heart of grading. This online journal club provides an opportunity to dive into the literature on assessing student learning and assessment methods, particularly in the context of the geosciences and other STEM disciplines. Participants will read and discuss these articles in depth with interested colleagues across four 1-hour virtual sessions. Readings will be drawn from geoscience, cognitive science, and other science education journals.

For more information (and to apply for the journal club), please visit the workshop website at:

The cost of the journal club is $145 (or $100 for NAGT members). Our National Science Foundation grant provides funding for the remainder of the operational costs of the virtual journal club.

If you have questions, please contact Ellen Iverson
eiverson at

Please feel free to pass this note along to interested colleagues.

Thank you!
Ellen Iverson

Heather Macdonald
Department of Geology
College of William & Mary