The International PhD (IPHD) Program at Sun Yat-Sen Business School




The International PhD (IPHD) Program at Sun Yat-sen Business School (SYSBS) is designed to foster IPHD students to become top-notch doctoral students in both China and the world. At present, the program concentrates on one major – international management (IM) – coached by a team of domestically and internationally renowned faculty in the field. It is a full-time, five-year (or less), fully funded program offering the students tuition waiver and stipend. The program also arranges and financially supports each student one-year overseas training and research mentored by internationally reputed scholars. The program aims to place its doctoral students, after completing the program, in top Chinese business schools or internationally recognized business schools abroad.      




  The program focuses on establishing a solid theoretical and methodological foundation on which the doctoral students can build for their future research and academic career. Most courses (theories, methods, advanced topics), specifically designed for this program, will be offered by internationally reputed scholars. Courses are taught in English.

  Each student will be mentored throughout the program by a faculty team consisting of internationally established scholars from the U.S. and from SYSBS. The students are expected to sharpen their skills in research and publications not merely through coursework but by collaborative research with their international mentors or advisors.

  The program will financially support each student for up to five years by covering his or her all tuition and stipend in commensuration with living expenses in Guangzhou, providing they maintain satisfactory progress in the program.

  During his or her up to 5-year period and after completing core coursework, each student will be sent overseas, studying under and researching with his or her international advisors for up to one year. This overseas study/visit will be financially sponsored by the program.

  IPHD students for this program are recruited globally (Chinese and foreign students) using international standards (e.g., GMAT). Likewise, once completing the program, their job placements are global too.

  The program also offers each student an opportunity to enhance teaching skills, conduct field studies, and financially support their international travel to attend and present at major international conferences.      




To be eligible for admission to this competitive program, an applicant is required to have (at least) a bachelor's degree from an internationally accredited university, top at his or her classes, and excel in English. All doctoral students are admitted as full-time, beginning in the fall. 


All applicants are required to complete their GMAT or GRE test by the application deadline, which is February 15. The test must be taken within the past five years. International students must also submit an official report of TOEFL. An exception is made for foreign students who obtained a bachelor's degree in the U.S. or another English-speaking country.


Contact Us


For detailed information about the program, please contact Ms. Justine Xu at [log in to unmask]. Telephone86-20-84112624.


Application Deadline 2013: February 15, 2013


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