Call for Papers: Pingyao Forum

*International Review of Financial Analysis *Special Issue Conference on
Corporate Governance and Entrepreneurial Finance in China

*Date: *24-25 August 2013 (Saturday and Sunday)

*Location:* Pingyao, China

(The old financial and entrepreneurial center of China, one of the best
preserved ancient cities in the known world, and also a World Heritage Site)


*Conference Link: *

*Keynote Speaker: *

Paolo Fulghieri, Macon G. Patton Distinguished Professor, University of
North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School

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*Organizers and Guest Editors:*

Douglas Cumming, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada

Wenxuan Hou, University of Edinburgh Business School, UK

Edward Lee, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK

Zhenyu Wu, I.H. Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba, Canada

*Scope: *

The economic and financial development of China attracts increasing
attention from academics, policy makers, and practitioners. Its experience
provides valuable insight for other aspiring developing countries. Chinese
entrepreneurship has contributed immensely to the nation’s development
since it embarked on the steady reform toward market-based economy.
However, the ingenuity and innovation of Chinese entrepreneurs can only be
translated into real economic development if financial resources can be
efficiently allocated among growth opportunities. To become more
competitive both domestically and internationally, Chinese entrepreneurs
and businesses will increase their dependence on external capital (Ding and
Sun, 1997; Buchanan, Le, and Rishi, 2012). The confidence of external
stakeholders that provide such capital depends largely on corporate
governance, since this enables them to monitor the firms against wealth
expropriation by insiders (Naceur, Ghazouani and Omran, 2007; Liu, et al.,
2012). With the importance of entrepreneurial firms being increasingly
recognized, corporate governance issues related to their survival and
growth are attracting greater attention. This is essential to China’s
development, especially when the world economy is slowly recovering from
the recession.

In short, corporate governance and entrepreneurial finance are crucial
building blocks to China’s current and future economic development. Thus,
this call of paper invites both theoretical and empirical studies on these
topics that are specific to the Chinese setting and could provide useful
policy implications. Possible research areas include, but are not limited

·      Corporate governance in entrepreneurial and small firms, including
publically listed non-state-owned enterprises

·      Entrepreneurial governance and financial crisis

·      Financing issues of entrepreneurial and small firms, including IPOs

·      Financial management in entrepreneurial and small firms, including
listed ones

·      Family-owned businesses, including listed ones

·      Venture capital and private equity

·      Corporate governance, disclosure and transparency issues of
entrepreneurial and small firms, including IPOs and post-IPO performance

·      Institutional reform and its impacts on entrepreneurial finance

·      Informal institution and entrepreneurial development

We welcome studies exploring these issues from other regions of Greater
China such as Hong Kong or Taiwan. We also welcome comparative studies of
China with other countries.

Studies focusing on listed companies in China may also be considered, as
long as they are closely related to the main theme of this special issue.

*Processes for submissions: *

Papers submitted must not be under review, accepted for publication, or
published in any other journal. By submitting a paper, authors are
certifying (a) that the submission is original, unpublished work, (b) that
in whole or material part it is not simultaneously under consideration
elsewhere. All papers must be written in English, and non-native speakers
are advised to have their papers checked by a native speaker. The author(s)
should not identify themselves in the body of the paper. In the submission
please indicate whether the author(s) would like the paper to be considered
for publication in the Special Issue. Interested authors should follow the
instruction and guidance of the *International Review of Financial Analysis
(IRFA) *and submit their papers through the *SubmissionStart* online system
(Link: Submission fees to the conference
will be waived.* *Papers will be externally blind-reviewed according to the
standard policy of *IRFA*, following which authors will be invited to
present their papers at the Special Issue conference. Acceptance to the
conference does not guarantee acceptance into the Special Issue.

* *

*Editing timeline: *

Submission deadline

15 May 2013

Notification of acceptance to the Conference

15 June 2013

Special Issue Conference

24-25 August 2013

Revise and resubmit process begins

30 October 2013

Notification of acceptance to Special Issue

Summer 2014


Buchanan, B.G., Q.V. Le, and M. Rishi. 2012. Foreign direct investment and
institutional quality: Some empirical evidence. *International Review of
Financial Analysis* 21, 81-89.

Chen, C., Q. Jin, and H. Yuan. 2011. Agency problems and liquidity premium:
Evidence from China’s stock ownership reform. *International Review of
Financial Analysis *20, 76-87.

Ding, D.K. and Q. Sun. 1997. The information content of FDI announcement:
Evidence from an emerging market. *International Review of Financial
Analysis *6, 63-76.

Liu, C, K. Uchida, and Y. Yang. 2012. Corporate governance and firm value
during the global financial crisis: Evidence from China. *International
Review of Financial Analysis* 21, 70-80.

Naceur, S.B., S. Ghazouani, and M. Omran. 2007. The performance of newly
privatized firms in selected MENA countries: The role of ownership
structure, governance and liberalization policies. *International Review of
Financial Analysis *16, 332-353.

Douglas Cumming
Professor and Ontario Research Chair
York University - Schulich School of Business
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3
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