Check out the info below for Practical Farmers of Iowa's annual free High
Tunnel Farminar.  You can connect to it and other farminars at:

This year's features Paul and Alison Wiediger!

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012 at 7 pm (Central) for our weekly free online learning
from farmers!*

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 Production in high tunnels: Salad greens, microgreens and more

with Paul and Alison Wiediger and Sara Hanson

*Hear how to grow higher quality salad greens and microgreens in a
season-extending high tunnel. *

   - Paul and Alison Wiediger operate Au Naturel Farm in Smiths Grove, Ky.,
   and grow a wide array of vegetables from May through October, many types of
   leaf lettuces and gourmet salad greens from October through June, and raise
   free-range eggs all year.
   - Sara Hanson, of Prairie Sky Farm, is a beginning farmer near Wesley,
   Iowa. She recently installed a high tunnel and started growing produce for
   local grocers and wholesale markets in her north-central Iowa community.

FREE "Farminar" from Practical Farmers of Iowa of the 2012 fall series.
This web-based seminar is a 90-minute, interactive, online learning
opportunity offered by Practical Farmers of Iowa.

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