University of South Florida has a suite of science/math education positions opening as well as computational science positions... Below is a summary from a colleague as well as the link to the job ads.

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The SNSM (School of Natural Sciences, part of the College of Arts and Sciences which includes the Department of  Geology and five other departments) is opening a search for ten new tenure-track faculty, four in discipline-specific education research to support the science/math education interdisciplinary cluster and six in theory/computational science and/or math/stats modeling  to support the biomedical sciences, global change science, or materials science interdisciplinary clusters.  Please see the information in the links.  You will note that, in addition to the normal application materials, we are requesting that applicants produce what amounts to an executive summary by answering three pointed questions, each in 300 words or less.  That is because we are expecting that each of the two multidisciplinary search committees (one for the four positions, and the other for the six positions) will be dealing with a huge number of applications.  I am writing you because of our mutual interest in science/math education, but I am hoping you will make others aware of the computational sciences/modeling positions as well. 

Julie Libarkin
Associate Professor, Director - Geocognition Research Lab
Director for Educational Research - Center for Integrative Studies in General Science
Michigan State University
288 Farm Lane, 206 Natural Science
East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: 517-355-8369

Affiliations: Center for Integrative Studies in General Science, Department of Geological Sciences, Cognitive Science Program, Environmental Science and Policy Program