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Two journals have recently published their final issues of 2012: please consult the table of contents below, and access the articles via the links.


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Journal of Strategy and Management (Special issue: Strategy, management & economics of the firm)


Strategic management and the economics of the firm: How to reconcile the brother enemies?

Authors: Caroline Hussler, Julien Pénin, Michael Dietrich, Thierry Burger-Helmchen

Article Type: Conceptual paper


How to concretize dynamic capabilities? Theory and examples

Authors: Arto Kuuluvainen

Article Type: Research paper


Promoting discourse analysis as a linguistic perspective to further explore strategic management issues: An illustrative case study

Authors: Pascal Koeberlé

Article Type: Viewpoint


The new competitive advantage of automobile manufacturers

Authors: Eric Rugraff

Article Type: Research paper


Technological diversity management of medical device enterprises

Authors: Seiya Shimanuki, Tomoko Saiki

Article Type: Research paper


Complementarities and coopetition in presence of intangible resources: Industrial economic and regulatory implications

Authors: Yuri Biondi, Pierpaolo Giannoccolo

Article Type: Research paper



European Business Review


Sustainability as corporate mission and strategy

Authors: Tore Mysen

Article Type: Case study


A sustainable tourism planning model: components and relationships

Authors: Carmen Padin

Article Type: Conceptual paper


An assessment of the early stages of a sustainable business model in the Canadian fast food industry

Authors: David Hutchinson, Jang Singh, Kent Walker

Article Type: Case study


Implementation of a sustainable business cycle: the case of a tourism project in Puerto Rico

Authors: María de los M. Santos-Corrada, Enid Figueroa

Article Type: Case study


Business sustainability and E-footprints on Earth's life and ecosystems: generic models

Authors: Göran Svensson, Beverly Wagner

Article Type: Conceptual paper





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