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Management and Organization Review, Volume 8, Issue 3 (November
2012),presents a special issue on Innovations in Public and Non-profit
Sector Organizations in China with five exciting articles and an
introduction from the guest editors G. Zhiyong Lan and Joseph Galaskiewicz.
In addition, there are four pieces of artwork, which are included amidst the
articles for your enjoyment. 


We hope you will enjoy reading this issue's interesting articles!


 -The MOR Editorial Team



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Management and Organization Review

2012 The International Association for Chinese Management Research

Volume 8, Issue 3 Pages 491 - 639, November 2012

Special Issue: Innovations in Public and Non-profit Sector Organizations in

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From the Guest Editors

t> Innovations in Public and Non-profit Sector Organizations in China (pages
G. ZhiyongLan and Joseph Galaskiewicz

Special Issue Articles

t> Institutional Sources of Reform: The Diffusion of Land Banking Systems in
China (pages 507-533)
Yanlong Zhang


t> A Restaurant in Urumqi, August 2012 (page 534)
Dr Fredrik Wang

Special Issue Articles

t> Managing HIV/AIDS: Yunnan's Government-driven, Multi-sector Partnership
Model (pages 535-557)
Mei-Ling Wang


t> The Meaning of Life (page 558)
Tony Fang

Special Issue Articles

t> The Adoption of Bottom-up Governance in China's Homeowner Associations
(pages 559-583)
Feng Wang, Haitao Yin and Zhiren Zhou




t> Longtang (Long Alley) in Shanghai (page 584)
Christopher K. Hsee

Special Issue Articles

t> Building a Knowledge-Driven Society: Scholar Participation and Governance
in Large Public Works Projects (pages 585-607)
Lihua Yang


t> A Young Man from Inner Mongolia (page 608)
Jianxin Zhang

Special Issue Articles

t> The Corporatist System and Social Organizations in China (pages 609-628)
Kazuko Kojima, Jae-Young Choe, Takafumi Ohtomo and Yutaka Tsujinaka


Call for Papers

t> Special Issue on 'Ambiguity and Decision Making in Chinese Organizations
and Thought' (pages 635-636)


t> Special Issue on 'Expanding Research on Family Business in China' (pages





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