A 2-Day College Teaching Excellence Workshop hosted by the CAPER Center for
Astronomy & Physics Education Research
January 8-9, 2013 in Charleston, SC preceding the Association for Science
Teacher Education ASTE International Conference

DESCRIPTION: The FINESSE Team provides 2-day interactive teaching excellence
workshops for college and university faculty who prepare future science
teachers to work with highly diverse student populations.  These workshops
focus on reforming and revitalizing undergraduate science teaching methods
courses and Earth and Space science survey courses, such as ASTRO 101 and
GEOL 101, that future teachers most often take.  The goals are to enhance
courses with contemporary pedagogies and data-rich problem-based learning
approaches steeped in authentic scientific inquiry, which consistently
demonstrate effectiveness with diverse students.  Participants themselves
will conduct mini-science data-rich research projects during the institutes
using highly regarded approaches to inquiry using proven models that can be
readily applied in your classes next semester.  Most importantly, the
Institute agenda allocates significant time to illustrating best practices
for working with diverse students. Participants leave with a well-formulated
action plan to reform their courses targeting future teachers to include
more data-rich scientific inquiry lessons and to be better focused on
improving science education for a wide diversity of students.
Pre-registration is recommended and participants are encouraged to bring
their personal laptop computers with MS Office (or OpenOffice) installed.

$250 STIPEND:  Participants who are full-time college and university faculty
who participate in the entire 2-day workshop are eligible to receive a $250
stipend to help subsidize some of their expenses for attending.  The stipend
will be paid approximately 8 weeks after the workshop.
Sophia Marshall, Tougaloo College, Mississippi
Rick Pomeroy, University of California - Davis
Debby Stork, University of Dubuque
Stephanie Slater, CAPER Center for Astronomy & Physics Education Research
Tim Slater, CAPER Center for Astronomy & Physics Education Research,   among

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Funded in part by a NASA SMD EPOESS Grant focusing on improving instruction
with diverse students, this professional development program for college and
university professors who work with future teachers in their classes is
hosted by the CAPER Center for Astronomy & Physics Education Research
( using materials developed under NSF GeoEd OEDG
and NSF CCLI/TUES funding with support from the WHFreeman and Addison Wesley
Publishing Companies.  Email [log in to unmask] for additional information.

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