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We are pleased to introduce to you a new publication from the International Association of Chinese Management Research (, Chinese Management Insights (CMI). CMI is a Chinese-English bilingual publication that converts leading academic research on China-related topics (based on articles published in Management and Organization Review and other leading journals) into 3-page summaries that can be easily read and used by managers. In addition, it publishes interviews with Chinese executives who share their management perspectives and best management practices.


We release new research summaries at the beginning of each month and publish a printed issue every four months. The first issue was published in January 2012. The latest printed issue is now available online. The Table of Contents for this issue is at the end of this email.


We strongly encourage you to bookmark the following links that will allow you to have free access to the monthly updated online issues and the electronic version of the printed issues.





Hope you will find them relevant for teaching and inspirational for new research!


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The CMI Editorial Team

Xiao-Ping Chen, George Yip, Katherine Xin, Eve Li Yan, and Anne Tsui



Chinese Management Insights - Table of Contents

(Volume 1 Issue 3, September 2012)

Research Highlights

Yin Yang is Relevant to Modern Business

Tony Fang

How Chinese Paternalistic Leadership Affects Subordinates’ Performance and Behavior

Min Wu, Xu Huang, Chenwei Li and Wu Liu

The Rise and Effects of StateOwned Asset Management Companies in China

Junmin Wang, Doug Guthrie and Zhixing Xiao

How Control Modes Affect the Performance of Transformed State-Owned Enterprises

Shaomin Li, Jun Xia, Cheryl Long and Justin Tan

Reform and the Adoption of Land Banking Systems in China

Yanlong Zhang

The Strategic Intent of Foreign Acquisitions by Chinese Firms

Huaichuan Rui and George S. Yip

Executive Perspectives

Chinese Companies Need Strong and Open-minded Leaders

—An Interview with Mr. Zong Qinghou

Anne Tsui and Katherine Xin

Morality and Integrity Keep a Company away from Trouble

—An Interview with Mr. Feng Lun

Xiao-Ping Chen

 “Learning About Wars When Fighting in Wars”

—An Interview with Mr. Chen Dongsheng

Xiao-Ping Chen and Eve Li Yan


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