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Sustainability, Ethics and Entrepreneurship (SEE) Conference
*Dates:* Thursday-Friday, April 11-12, 2013
*Location:* University of Denver, Denver, CO

Sustainability, ethics, and entrepreneurship (SEE) draw on knowledge from
diverse backgrounds.  These include but are not limited to studies on
sustainability, social entrepreneurship, business ethics, firm-community
ties, and environment impacts, to name a few.  The fact that ethics and
sustainability are intertwined with the concept of entrepreneurship is no
longer new. Indeed, ethical choices are increasingly critical any business
activity and a key to success of startups, small firms, medium enterprises,
and large, multinational corporations.  Some even suggest that the focus on
sustainability, ethics, and entrepreneurship triangulates every economic
opportunity and social value.  The goal of the conference is to lead the
advancement and accumulation of knowledge about SEE-related topics.

Authors are invited to *submit abstracts (2 single-spaced pages not
exceeding 1,250 words)* that address a broad array of subjects on the
topics of sustainability, ethics, and entrepreneurship (SEE). Those
selected by a double-blind review process will be asked to present at
either paper or poster sessions during the 2013 conference April 11-12.

We invite empirical and conceptual Abstracts.  Potential topics include,
but are not limited to, the following areas:

   - How does strategy differ when firms are not constituted as vehicles of
   private wealth accumulation but are owned by communities of members or
   - In a capitalist system, wealth and value are measured in monetary
   units: what is social value, how does to measure social value, and what do
   social value and economic value interact and shape each other?
   - Free markets and competition brought many benefits (e.g., the average
   individual material wellbeing has improved markedly, even if the variance
   is distressing). How does this increasing but uneven material prosperity
   relate to human wellbeing, sustainability and entrepreneurship?
   - How does market competition affect the fabric of trust and social
   value within and between different organizational forms?
   - How does one gain better understandings of sustainable and ethical
   - What are most useful conceptual models and empirical analysis of the
   antecedents, consequences, and contingencies associated with the processes
   of sustainable and ethical entrepreneurship?
   - What is the role of ethical behavior in the growth, survival, and
   sustainability of new ventures?
   - What are the roles of economic and institutional systems in motivating
   ethical and sustainable behaviors?

*January 8, 2013: Abstract Submission Deadline
*February 18, 2013: Acceptance Notification
March 1, 2013: Program Published
April 11-12, 2013: Conference in Denver, CO

Authors can submit their abstracts here:

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