Well certified organic farmers its time to get your documents ready to submit for cost share. This is a USDA program to help organic farmers with the cost to certify

Remember,,, that each USDA certification is eligible for cost share, which is up to $750 or 75% of the cost to certify. For example, poultry, vegetables are both elgible separately so comple a form for each

That includes…  inspection fees, user fees, and certifier-required testing !!!

You need to include

  1.  Completed form for each claim (attached to this email)
  2.  An itemized invoice of your charges from the certifying agency (a photocopy is fine)
  3.  A dated receipt of your payment (full payment) that is b/t Sept 30 2011 and Oct 1 2012 a receipt for payment (in full) for certification
  4.  ***Register with the state as a vendor to receive your cost share check electronically at the state vendor site: YOU MUST DO THIS AS NO CHECK WILL BE MAILED TO YOU OTHERWISE.  Do THIS NOW to make sure you are registered before the deadline!! The attachment has all the details on page 3

What you need to have ready is:
Complete application (just one page of info needed) which is attached to this email:
What you need is 1. Completed 1 page formVicki Morrone
Organic Farming Specialist
Center For Regional Food Systems at MSU
480 Wilson Rd. Room 303
East Lansing, MI 48824
517-353-3542/517-282-3557 (cell)
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