Hello friends,

Join us for an incredible regenerative leadership and permaculture design
certification retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area, February 16-24th.  Go
beyond sustainability towards a truly regenerative culture.  Imagine waking
up each day with the knowledge that your whole life, including your career,
is completely aligned with your deepest passions, desires, principles and
values.  The experiential permaculture design certification course is your
path towards a career in regenerative permaculture design and a truly
thriving life, deeply rooted in the patterns of nature and a larger vision
of regenerative community and regenerative culture.  

Thanks to a generous sponsor, the Regenerative Leadership Institute is able
to offer ten scholarships which lower the tuition by almost seventy
percent; the tuition with scholarship is just $1250 (compare with regular
tuition of $3000!). We're able to make ONLY TEN of these need-based
scholarships available first-come-first-serve. Just sign up online, and if
the system accepts your credit card information with the code SCHOLARSHIP,
you're in.

Experience sustainable living and learn practical skills for your home,
career, business and community in the incredible permaculture design course
offered by the Regenerative Leadership Institute. Learn to design
nature-inspired, resilient and truly sustainable thriving communities –
composting bathrooms, water-catchment systems, greenhouses, organic
gardens, green buildings, and entire eco-villages.

This permaculture design course is an experiential intensive teaching
design by recognizing patterns and reclaiming your connection with nature.
Consistently ranked by past participants as a profoundly transformational
experience inspiring through practical solutions grounded in nature.

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-> Use code SCHOLARSHIP to sign up with the scholarship online or call

Want to know why you should join the program? Check out just some of the
many reviews from participants of our programs

"This course was the BEST time I have had in the past 6 years" -- Lana T

"I really enjoyed the experience, I can feel my permaculture mind
continuing to grow as things settle in from the course." -- Jaye M

"Thank you for the experience I had - it was wonderful. Best wishes and
continued growth." -- Susan L,

Join an unforgettable program in leadership, permaculture and sustainable
design in Oregon with the world's most renowned instructors and change your
life, your community and your
planet. Not only do Regenerative Leadership Institute courses offer the
most complete curriculum of any similar program, but the people who come to
the programs make this the most powerful training offered anywhere. Gain
cutting-edge skills in nature-inspired sustainable design that's applicable
virtually anywhere design is used -- from green businesses to your own back

During the workshop, we will talk about:

* Smart nature-inspired design principles
* Rainwater catchment and storage
* Greywater - smart water re-use with plant filters
* Food forest design for food abundance
* Eco-psychology and Regenerative Leadership
* Intentional community design and dynamics
* Bio-remediation and toxic waste cleanup
* Natural building design - cob, straw bale and more
* Soil biology and regeneration
* Sustainable transportation and fuels
* Green business and sustainable economics
* Natural patterns and principles
* Everything you ever wanted to know about plants and soil!

Permaculture is a sustainable design science rooted in natural patterns. By
observing the way nature works and then applying the same patterns and
principles, we learn to design truly sustainable, extremely resilient

Permaculture is what our ancestors instinctively knew when they lived in
villages, made their own things, and grew their own food. It is the art of
respecting nature and working with it, rather than against it, to cultivate
the earth, plants, animals and people by fostering mutually beneficial
relationships between them. It is also is a philosophy, one that changes
you from the inside, as you see that there is a way to heal the earth, live
in harmony with nature, and create abundance we can share. This
permaculture design course offers the perfect opportunity to dive into

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-> Use code SCHOLARSHIP to sign up with the scholarship online or call

"My experience in the course was invaluable. I find myself with a new
permaculture lens that I can put on at will, and see the world around me in
a way that I feel leads to making more conscious decisions and living
better in harmony with the earth." - Deborah F., Course Graduate

This course will combine critical design skills with leadership, nature
connection, and most importantly an urban focus, building and exceeding
upon the internationally-recognized Permaculture Design Certification
curriculum. Our programs offer by far the most complete curriculum of any
similar course -- with a huge focus on leadership, personal growth and
community design as well as green business.

You'll learn how to create sustainable, thriving human systems, local
micro-economies and communities, using sustainable design principles that
are applicable to every human system, from businesses, communities, and
cities to personal relationships.

Because of our unique focus on Urban and Suburban solutions, our courses
are radically different from most other programs, teaching permaculture as
a design science rooted in nature.
With most of the world's population in cities, we must meet people where
they live with real sustainable solutions.

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-> Use code SCHOLARSHIP to sign up with the scholarship online or call

Starting by learning the lessons from nature with some of the world's most
renowned organic farming experts, we will then look at how to apply what we
learned from the soil and the water to building sustainable, lasting

The Regenerative Leadership Institute is the nation's ecological design and
sustainable living school; our instructors are some of the most well-known
leaders in sustainability, organics and permaculture design.

We hope you will be able to join us for this incredible, life-changing
experiential course!

Don't wait - sign up today before these few spots fill up! If you have
questions - call us at 1-800-376-3775!

Regenerative Leadership Institute
phone: 1-800-376-3775
mail: 14525 SW Millikan Way, Suite 17760, Beaverton, OR 97005
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