Please see attached the best response to my question on list of US-based SME companies.  I went with Uniworld and it costs under 100 dollars.

Thanks to the members for the responses.

Best wishes,

Tolu Bewaji

Dear Tolulope,
I guess the best approach is to start with a list of all US-based 
companies that have international investments and then to apply a 
certain size-criterion to select SMEs among them. I know of three sources that can give you the information:
-          ORBIS from Bureau van Dijk
-          Uniworld
-          Directory of Corporate Affiliation
As far as I know all three have some measure of company size (as assets, 
operational turnover, employees, …) that you can use to identify SMEs.
Hope it helps,
Good Luck!
 Sokol Celo  

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