Respectable group members,


I am working in a paper where I am intended to show the link between uncertainty and relationship quality (trust, commitment and satisfaction). In this regard, I operationalized the uncertainty construct as per Leonidou et al., (2006). The items were used as i) existence of high degree of uncertainty, ii) inadequacy of information when making decisions, iii) difficulty in monitoring trends, iv) confidence in making future decisions, and v) in accurate anticipation of acts. Two aspects of uncertainty were considered internal and environmental and according to Leonidou et al., (2006.  I assume a negative effect of combine uncertainty on relationship quality. And according to Morgan and Hunt, (1994), I also consider that the uncertainty construct is formative one. I had collected 185 datasets based on the aforesaid operationalization of the uncertainty construct; worthy to mention that I will analyze my datasets in SmartPls.


I got review from one of my honorable reviewers that “there is no particular reason for us to expect environmental and internal uncertainty to be positively correlated”. I am quite unsure how to respond to this question. I will be obliged if you kindly suggest me how to deal with this situation. Is it possible to split the aforesaid items based on Leonidou et al., (2006) into two distinct constructs as : environmental and internal uncertainty or is there any further justifications available for keeping one formative construct as “uncertainty” and assuming the negative relationship with relationship quality?


Thanks in advance


Jalal Ahamed

PhD Student

Tromsų University Business School

University of Tromsų, Norway



LEONIDOU, L. C., BARNES, B. R. & TALIAS, M. A. 2006. Exporter–importer relationship quality: The inhibiting role of uncertainty, distance, and conflict. Industrial Marketing Management, 35, 576-588.

MORGAN, R. M. & HUNT, S. D. 1994. The commitment-trust theory of relationship marketing. the journal of marketing, 20-38.



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