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Country of origin (COO) discussions – positive and negative – show no sign of abating.  International Marketing Review has published several regular papers and special issues devoted to this subject over the last five years, and below we have brought together a collection of works of COO research from our 2011 volume. We hope you enjoy reading them.


IMR has always defined international marketing broadly and adopts a pluralist approach to research: you will find our full aims and scope at


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Towards an integrative framework of brand country of origin recognition determinants: A cross-classified hierarchical model
Oscar Martín Martín and Julio Cerviño

Explaining the product-specificity of country-of-origin effects
Ting-Hsiang Tseng and George Balabanis

The affective and cognitive components of country image: Perceptions of American products in Kuwait
Amro A. Maher and Larry L. Carter

“What? I thought Samsung was Japanese”: accurate or not, perceived country of origin matters
Peter Magnusson, Stanford A. Westjohn and Srdan Zdravkovic

Resolving the impasse regarding research on the origins of products and brands
Saeed Samiee

The shift from manufacturing to brand origin: suggestions for improving COO relevance
Jean-Claude Usunier

Further clarification on how perceived brand origin affects brand attitude: A reply to Samiee and Usunier
Peter Magnusson, Stanford A. Westjohn and Srdan Zdravkovic

The relationship between country-of-origin image and brand image as drivers of purchase intentions: A test of alternative perspectives
Adamantios Diamantopoulos, Bodo Schlegelmilch and Dayananda Palihawadana

Made in China but sold at FAO Schwarz: country-of-origin effect and trusting beliefs
Sertan Kabadayi and Dawn Lerman




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