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At the risk of sending multiple emails today, I'm pleased to inform you that 3 journals have recently published new issues.  You can find the links to articles below, together with a list of contributors to The Multinational Business Review, International Marketing Review and Chinese Management Studies.  Again, enjoy the read.

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The Multinational Business Review 20.3<>

Editorial: Does country matter?
Alan M. Rugman

Investing abroad and investing at home: complements or substitutes?
Steven Globerman

Academic research in the Latin American context: a review of the empirical literature 1990-2010
Candace A. Martinez, Morris Kalliny

Multinational subsidiary roles in North Africa: managerial initiatives in Tunisia
Chiraz Saidani, Yao Amewokunu, Assion Lawson-Body

The legitimacy of foreign investors: Individual attitudes toward the impact of multinational enterprises
Ayse Kaya, James T. Walker

International Marketing Review 29.5<> (Special issue on 'Internationalization patterns of SMEs')

Internationalization patterns of small and medium-sized enterprises
Olli Kuivalainen, Sanna Sundqvist, Sami Saarenketo, Rod McNaughton

SMEs' internationalisation patterns: descriptives, dynamics and determinants
Edith Olejnik, Bernhard Swoboda

Internationalization pathways among family-owned SMEs
Tanja Kontinen, Arto Ojala

Prevalence and longitudinal trends of early internationalisation patterns among Canadian SMEs
Sui Sui, Zhihao Yu, Matthias Baum

Early internationalization and performance of small high-tech "born-globals"
Lee Li, Gongming Qian, Zhengming Qian

Chinese Management Studies 6.3<> (Special issue on 'Management philosophy and empirical research on contemporary Chinese management issues')

Replying to management challenges: Integrating oriental and occidental wisdom by HeXie Management Theory
Youmin Xi, Xiaojun Zhang, Jing Ge

An empirical study of organizational reform of China's bankcard industry and policy recommendations
Lianying Fu, Linhui Yu, Pinliang Luo

Chinese managers' cognition of corporate social responsibility: an empirical investigation
Qian Wang, Junsheng Dou

An application of a foresight-based new product planning model: A case study of a large household appliance manufacturer in China
Benjamin J.C. Yuan, Chun Yi Liu, Shun Chuan Ho, Hector K.M. Kao, Po Chang Shen

The diversification effects of a firm's political connection and its performance implications: Evidence from China
Xinming Deng, Zhilong Tian, Jianfeng Li, Muhammad Abrar

Relational mechanisms, market contracts and cross-enterprise knowledge trading in the supply chain: Empirical research based on Chinese manufacturing enterprises
Xumei Zhang, Wei Chen, Jie Tong, Xiangyu Liu

International expansion and firm performance in emerging market: evidence from China
Dong Wu, Xiao-bo Wu, Hao-jun Zhou

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