* *  Book release: Foreign entry as a human choice. * *
Firms increase commitment to foreign markets with growing experience in international business. The basic premise of the internationalization process theory is that knowledge is acquired through experience abroad. Maud Oortwijn's research work finds how this learning process within the firm is reflected in the managerial host country assessment. Managers perceive the new host country more optimistic with increasing experience in international business. International Business scholars often report on macro-economic factors and post-entrance business performance. This research studies 25 firms on 54 foreign entry commitment choices while in the process of decision making for foreign entrance. This also allows for unique insight in the Go/No-Go decision. Some firms decide to cancel or postpone plans, while others continue with different entry modes.

The work is available on

A detailled description of the study and its findings, is attached in a pdf file.

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Maud Oortwijn


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