*International Conference on
Social Intelligence and Technology 2013**
**(SOCIETY 2013)*

*May 8 – 10, 2013, State College, Pennsylvania, USA*

* *

*In cooperation with ACM SIGART *****

*Technical co-sponsorship with IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on
Intelligent Informatics  *

*Co-sponsorship with International Network of Social Network Analysis


*Theme: Computing towards Social Intelligence*


*Keynote Speakers*

Jiawei Han, Abel Bliss Professor, University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign, USA

Rong Yan, Research Scientist, Facebook, USA

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The International Conference on *Soc*ial *I*ntelligenc*e *and
*T*echnolog*y*(SOCIETY) is an interdisciplinary venue for researchers,
scientists, and
practitioners from diverse fields, such as cognitive science, computing,
engineering, information science, social science, psychology,
sustainability science, economics, business, human-coupled complex systems,
human factors, behavior modeling, neural science, linguistics, security,
criminal intelligence, health, public policy, to come together to share and
present their innovative work in the social context.   Social intelligence
and technology explores the roles of information/internet/mobile technology
in improving our understanding about human behaviors and social interaction
in human society from the perspective of individual level, interpersonal
level, and community level, building a sustainable social environment,
developing social intelligence, as well as their practical applications
that have major impacts in solving societal problems such as health,
security, energy, environment, and enhancing the sustainability of our

The topics of the conference are organized around the following
Computing/Informatics topics and Impact/Application areas, but are not
limited to:

Computing/Informatics Topics

      Data mining/Text mining/Web mining

•         Deception detection

•         Expert identification

•         Multi-agent systems

•         Opinion aggregation and mining

•         Optimization

•         Recommendation systems

•         Sentiment modeling and analysis

•         Social media searching and mining

•         Social network analysis and mining

          Social media analytics

•         Community discovery

•         Group formation and detection

•         Influence analysis

•         Information and innovation diffusion

•         Role identification

•         Social network evolution

•         Survival analysis

•         Temporal analysis

•         Viral analysis

•         Social marketing

•         Social games

          Social sustainability

•         Cloud-enabled large-scale simulation

•         Complex systems modeling

•         Ecological management

•         Economic systems

•         Environmental Engineering

•         Physical, mental and social well-being

•         Social and human resources

•         Social capital

•         Social conviviality

•         Social dynamics

•         Social equality

•         Social vulnerability analysis

•         Sustainable social development

          Social behavior and human factors

•         Coupled human-natural systems

•         Economic impact and issues

•         Empirical studies

•         Ethnographic studies

•         Human behavioral modeling

•         Human computer interaction

•         Leadership

•         Metrics and evaluation

•         Social cultural issues

•         Social-technical studies

•         Organizational issues

•         Online community

    Impact/Application Areas

          Economic and social informatics

•         Behavior economics

•         Economic competitiveness

•         Economic forecasting

•         Economic monitoring

•         Group decision making

•         Heritage preservation

•         Legal and public policy issues

•         Social identity

          Health informatics

•         Disease modeling and control

•         Emotional analysis

•         Health intervention

•         Health systems

•         Mobile and sensor networks

•         Pharmaceutics safety signal detection

•         Public health and epidemiology

•         Social support of e-patients

         Security informatics

•         Crowd sourcing

•         Dark web

•         Emergency response

•         Emerging event detection

•         Extreme events management

•         Geographical data mining

•         Policy and decision making support

•         Political campaigns

•         Privacy and risk

•         Trust networks

*Important Dates:*

Submission deadline:                          January 4, 2013

Acceptance Notification:                    February 25, 2013

Camera-ready manuscript due:        March 4, 2013

Conference Dates:                              May 8 - 10, 2013

*The best papers will be invited for submission to the special issue on
“Social Intelligence and Technology” in IEEE Intelligent Systems.  *

* *

*Conference Organizers*

*Honorary co-chairs:*
Jack Carroll, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Jiawei Han, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
John Skvoretz, University of South Florida, USA


*General co-chairs*:
John Yen, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Christopher C. Yang, Drexel University, USA
Jiming Liu, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


*Program co-chairs*:
Prasenjit Mitra, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Lina Zhou, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA
Uffe Wiil, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark


*Panel chair:*
Madhu Reddy, Pennsylvania State University, USA


*Doctoral Consortium Chair:*
Wai-Tat Fu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Kayo Fujimoto, University of Texas, Health Science Center at Houston, USA


*Tutorial co-chairs:
*Pengzhu Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Bo Xiao, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


*Demo co-chairs:
*Wenji Mao, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Li Chen, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


*Local Arrangement Chair:
*Jim Jansen, Pennsylvania State University, USA**


*Registration Chair:
*Kristene Unsworth, Drexel University, USA


*Publicity Chair:

Jie Zhang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Lee Giles, Pennsylvania State University, USA


*Web Chair:
*Anna Squicciarina, Pennsylvania State University, USA


*Financial Support Chair:
*Min Song, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA


*Heng Xu, Pennsylvania State University, USA

*Publication Chair:
*Jason Li, Drexel University, USA

*Advisory Board*:
David Hall, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Noshir S. Contractor, Northwestern University, USA
Jiawei Han, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Feiyue Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Kathleen M. Carley, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Michelle Zhou, IBM Almaden, USA
Rong Yan, Facebook
Jack Carroll, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Hsinchun Chen, University of Arizona, USA (pending)

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