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I am delighted to inform you of the recent publication of ``Paths of convergence for agriculture, health, and wealth`` the introduction to a special issue of Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). This special feature introduction was a collaborative effort between myself, Prabhu Pingali and Patrick Webb. I look forward to your comments.

An excerpt of the introduction is below, and you may find the paper online here:


Laurette Dubé

Introduction Excerpt


This special feature calls for forward thinking around paths of convergence for agriculture, health, and wealth. Such convergence aims for a richer integration of smallholder farmers into national and global agricultural and food systems, health systems, value chains, and markets. The articles identify analytical innovation, where disciplines intersect, and cross-sectoral action where single, linear, and siloed approaches have traditionally dominated. The issues addressed are framed by three main themes: (i) lessons related to agricultural and food market growth since the 1960s; (ii) experiences related to the integration of smallholder agriculture into national and global business agendas; and (iii) insights into convergence-building institutional design and policy, including a review of complexity science methods that can inform such processes. In this introductory article, we first discuss the perspectives generated for more impactful policy and action when these three themes converge. We then push thematic boundaries to elaborate a roadmap for a broader, solution-oriented, and transdisciplinary approach to science, policies, and actions. As the global urban population crosses the 50% mark, both smallholder and nonsmallholder agriculture are keys in forging rural–urban links, where both farm and nonfarm activities contribute to sustainable nutrition security. The roadmaps would harness the power of business to reduce hunger and poverty for millions of families, contribute to a better alignment between human biology and modern lifestyles, and stem the spread of noncommunicable chronic diseases.



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To whom it may concern at the Academy of International Business,


I am writing on behalf of Dr. Laurette Dube, a professor and author at the McGIll Desautels school of Management. Along with two colleagues, Dr. Laurette Dube is publishing an article called the Paths of convergence for agriculture, health, and wealth as part of a PNAS special edition journal. Kindly let me know if McGill or the Desautels is a member and who I should be in contact with to post the press release.


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