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Management and Organization Review, Volume 8, Issue 2 (July 2012), presents six articles on a variety of interesting topics including a study of asset management and firm performance, an empirical test of control modes and outcomes of transformed state-owned enterprises, a multi-theoretical study of international joint ventures, an analysis of cooperative voice and cooperative silence, and two articles about trust, a multidimensional look at contextual antecedents of trust and an experimental investigation of trust and reciprocity. This issue also includes two perspective pieces: one that discusses managerial innovation and another that contemplates the future of organizational behavior research in the Chinese context.


We hope you will enjoy reading this issue’s interesting articles!

 -The MOR Editorial Team

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Management and Organization Review

© 2012 The International Association for Chinese Management Research

Volume 8, Issue 2 Pages 253 - 489, July 2012



The Rise of SASAC: Asset Management, Ownership Concentration, and Firm Performance in China's Capital Markets (pages 253–281)
Junmin Wang, Doug Guthrie and Zhixing Xiao

Control Modes and Outcomes of Transformed State-Owned Enterprises in China: An Empirical Test (pages 283–309)
Shaomin Li, Jun Xia, Cheryl Xiaoning Long and Justin Tan


Executives' Assessments of International Joint Ventures in China: A Multi-Theoretical Investigation (pages 311–340)
Jeffrey J. Reuer, Beverly B. Tyler, Tony W. Tong and Cheng-Wei Wu


Does Value Congruence Lead to Voice? Cooperative Voice and Cooperative Silence under Team and Differentiated Transformational Leadership (pages 341–370)
An-Chih Wang, Hsu-Hung Hsieh, Chou-Yu Tsai and Bor-Shiuan Cheng


The Contextual Antecedents of Organizational Trust: A Multidimensional Cross-level Analysis (pages 371–396)
Peter Ping Li, Yuntao Bai and Youmin Xi


Trust, Reciprocity, and Guanxi in China: An Experimental Investigation (pages 397–421)
Fei Song, C. Bram Cadsby and Yunyun Bi



Managerial Innovation: Conceptions, Processes, and Antecedents (pages 423–454)
Fariborz Damanpour and Deepa Aravind

Doing Better Research on Organizational Behaviour in Chinese Cultural Settings: Suggestions from the Notebooks of Two Fellow-Travellers (pages 455–475)
Michael Harris Bond and Miriam Muethel

Chinese Abstracts

Chinese Abstracts (pages 477–480)

Call for Papers

Special Issue on ‘Building Sustainable Organizations in China’ (pages 481–483)


Special Issue on ‘Ambiguity and Decision Making in Chinese Organizations and Thought’ (pages 485–486)


Special Issue on ‘Expanding Research on Family Business in China’ (pages 487–489)


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