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Management and Organization Review, Volume 8, Issue 2 (July 2012), presents six articles on a variety of interesting topics including a study of asset management and firm performance, an empirical test of control modes and outcomes of transformed state-owned enterprises, a multi-theoretical study of international joint ventures, an analysis of cooperative voice and cooperative silence, and two articles about trust, a multidimensional look at contextual antecedents of trust and an experimental investigation of trust and reciprocity. This issue also includes two perspective pieces: one that discusses managerial innovation and another that contemplates the future of organizational behavior research in the Chinese context.

We hope you will enjoy reading this issue's interesting articles!
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Management and Organization Review
(c) 2012 The International Association for Chinese Management Research

Volume 8, Issue 2 Pages 253 - 489, July 2012<>


The Rise of SASAC: Asset Management, Ownership Concentration, and Firm Performance in China's Capital Markets (pages 253-281)<>
Junmin Wang, Doug Guthrie and Zhixing Xiao

Control Modes and Outcomes of Transformed State-Owned Enterprises in China: An Empirical Test (pages 283-309)<>
Shaomin Li, Jun Xia, Cheryl Xiaoning Long and Justin Tan

Executives' Assessments of International Joint Ventures in China: A Multi-Theoretical Investigation (pages 311-340)<>
Jeffrey J. Reuer, Beverly B. Tyler, Tony W. Tong and Cheng-Wei Wu

Does Value Congruence Lead to Voice? Cooperative Voice and Cooperative Silence under Team and Differentiated Transformational Leadership (pages 341-370)<>
An-Chih Wang, Hsu-Hung Hsieh, Chou-Yu Tsai and Bor-Shiuan Cheng

The Contextual Antecedents of Organizational Trust: A Multidimensional Cross-level Analysis (pages 371-396)<>
Peter Ping Li, Yuntao Bai and Youmin Xi

Trust, Reciprocity, and Guanxi in China: An Experimental Investigation (pages 397-421)<>
Fei Song, C. Bram Cadsby and Yunyun Bi


Managerial Innovation: Conceptions, Processes, and Antecedents (pages 423-454)<>
Fariborz Damanpour and Deepa Aravind

Doing Better Research on Organizational Behaviour in Chinese Cultural Settings: Suggestions from the Notebooks of Two Fellow-Travellers (pages 455-475)<>
Michael Harris Bond and Miriam Muethel

Chinese Abstracts

Chinese Abstracts (pages 477-480)<>

Call for Papers

Special Issue on 'Building Sustainable Organizations in China' (pages 481-483)<>

Special Issue on 'Ambiguity and Decision Making in Chinese Organizations and Thought' (pages 485-486)<>

Special Issue on 'Expanding Research on Family Business in China' (pages 487-489)<>


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