I would like to encourage submissions for the upcoming paper development workshop jointly sponsored by the The Strategy Research Initiative (SRI)<> and the Strategic Management Society<> on the afternoon of October 6, 2012 in Prague. For more information including instructions for online submission see or the excerpt below.



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Call for Papers

In Pursuit of Quality in Strategy Research: A Paper Development Workshop

The Strategy Research Initiative

Saturday, October 6, 2012

14:00 - 18:00

August 1, 2012: Submission Deadline for Applications

The Strategy Research Initiative (SRI)<> is a cross-disciplinary group organized to coordinate activities that promote research in strategy. In a recent editorial (Oxley et al, 20101)<>, the group elaborates several specific qualities that it encourages in strategy papers. These include: rigorous derivation of theory, the constructs of which are measurable; striving for a high degree of empirical transparency; identification of important stylized facts; testing of extant theory via appropriate empirical designs; and, use of empirical methods that generate valid causal inferences. Based on the belief that modern theory development and advanced empirical methods require full-length papers to elaborate, the SRI also advocates a deeper specialization of papers along the theoretical-empirical divide.

SMS explicitly seeks to promote high quality interdisciplinary theoretical and empirical work across a wide range of perspectives and styles. Thus, the SMS and the SRI are jointly sponsoring a paper development workshop at the 2012 SMS meeting designed to guide participants toward high quality work consistent with the research norms advocated by the SRI.

For this workshop we seek a group of 20-30 promising young strategy scholars (advanced stage Ph.D. students and pre-tenure assistant professors) who wish to push their work further in either an empirical or a theoretical direction. Participants will workshop their almost-journal-submission-ready working papers to strengthen their contributions by focusing and deepening the paper in a theoretical or empirical direction. SRI-affiliated faculty (that includes both theoretical and empirical specialists) will lead and facilitate the workshop. Technical assistance and practical advice will be provided to authors in small groups organized around common perspectives, methods or styles.

The goal of this workshop is provide quality feedback to junior scholars that will (i) significantly increase the future impact of current working papers, and (ii) help them develop concrete plans for follow-on projects addressing meaningful research questions identified during the workshop.

Participating Faculty

The following SRI faculty has agreed to serve as group leaders for the workshop:

● Ramon Casadesus-Masanell (HBS)

● Javier Gimeno (INSEAD)

● Witold Henisz (Wharton)

● Anne Marie Knott (Washington U-Olin)

● Margaret Kyle (Toulouse School of Economics)

● Michael Lenox (Virginia)

● Joanne Oxley (U Toronto-Rotman)

● Anand Swaminathan (Emory)

● Bennet Zelner (Maryland)

Submission guidelines

Please submit one file which has four parts:

1. A current CV

2. A cover letter that (a) indicates how the submitted paper might be refined or developed; and then (b) briefly describes how the submitted paper fits into a broader research agenda.

3. Title & Abstract of the paper

4. A complete working paper that is targeted at a research journal (only one paper per submitting author)

All applications need to be submitted by August 1, 2012 through the workshop online submission system. An evaluation committee will review the submitted papers, and their decision will be communicated to you by August 20, 2012.

Workshop structure

The accepted working papers and researchers will be arranged into groups. Groups will be developed based on convergent interests and/or overlap among the submitted proposals. Each group will be matched with a senior group leader who shares an interest in the topic.

Prior to the workshop, each group leader will read the papers of the group participants. Further, each participant will be asked to read the SO! 2010 article and apply this framework to both his/her own paper as well as that of other participants in the same group. This hands-on experience applying quality criteria will both add structure to the paper discussions as well as facilitate a richer discussion of the quality criteria, allowing greater refinement.

We will follow with an open discussion among participants and table leaders discussing the relative merits and faults of using quality metrics to evaluate work, with a view towards a refining the metrics for future work. At the end of the session, participants will have not only a set of comments and discussion on their working papers, but also exposure to a set of tools that can be applied in both reviewing and writing future work.


The workshop will take place from 2:00pm to 6:00pm on Saturday, October 6th at the Prague Congress Center. Participants will be responsible for covering their own costs of travel and hotel accommodations. As Saturday is regarded as a Pre-Conference activity, there is no registration fee to anyone attending the workshop only.

Individuals interested in attending the workshop do not have to be registered to attend the 2012 SMS Annual Conference; however Annual Conference registrants will be given preference if there are more applicants than space.

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