AIB Insights is the Academy of International Business publication that provides an outlet
for short (around 2500 words), interesting, topical, current and thought provoking
articles. Articles can discuss theoretical, empirical, practical or pedagogical issues
affecting the international business community. The publication seeks articles that have
an international business and cross disciplinary orientation with IB researchers and
faculty as the intended primary audience.

Authors should highlight the insight of their article in the first paragraph. They should
prompt the reader to think about international business and international business
teaching/learning in new ways. Articles sought should be grounded in research, but
presented in a readable and accessible format.

Articles written for AIB Insights should be free of professional jargon and technical terms,
light on references, but heavy on insight from the authors’ experiences and research.
Terminology should be defined if it is not in the common domain of the IB literature.
Authors should remember the intended audience of the publication and write accordingly.
A regression equation, a correlation matrix, a table or a graph needed to support a point
may be included.

AIB Insights does not seek the kind of articles that are intended for refereed journals in
international business. The publication is intended to inform, educate and enlighten readers
with contemporary information and discussion on a topic with a broad appeal to the profession.

Acceptable articles may fall into one of several categories, though the list is not restrictive:
1. Research insights from authors’ stream of research
2. Current issues affecting international business as a discipline
3. The use of technology in international business
4. The International Business department/function/discipline evolving nature
5. Internationalization of the curriculum
6. Innovative approaches to teaching international business
7. Teaching pedagogy and content articles
8. Other topics of interest

Please include a cover page with all the authors’ contact detail. The second page should
include 50-75 words biographies of participating authors. Articles submitted should
follow JIBS referencing style of consistency.

Insights will be published 2-4 times a year at the same time as the AIB Newsletter. Please send your
submission or submission idea query to "Romie Littrell, Editor" <[log in to unmask]>
Romie Frederick Littrell, BA, MBA, PhD, FIAIR
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

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