The Academy of Management Perspectives:  Special AMP Events and Symposia at the 2012 AOM Conference

As you may have recognized there are a number of changes being instituted in the Academy of Management Perspectives. The journal has started to move to a new format that includes Exchanges, Symposia and Articles and we will soon be launching a new web presence that will include a number of exciting features. In line with these changes we have also added a series of events and sessions at the AOM Meeting both in the PDW and Program component of the conference. These activities are aimed at featuring material from current issues of AMP, future issues of AMP and helping individuals wanting to become involved with the journal. We would like to call your attention to a number of these events, all of which are open to the entire membership. 

Academy of Management Perspectives: Publishing in AMP. This session will be an interactive session with member of the Editorial team. The focus will be on not just the process of submitting and working with AMP but a primer on publishing in general. We are keen, in particular, to involve junior scholars and groups of scholars interested in developing both articles and symposia (groups of articles on key themes). Program Session #: 266, Saturday, Aug 4 2012 10:00AM - 11:00AM at Westin Copley Place in Adams. 

Academy of Management Perspectives: Management Practices and Data Sets. The session features presentations on several exciting new datasets (at multiple levels of analysis) on management practices (e.g., the World Management Survey, STAR Metrics, and the new Census survey of Management And Organizational Practices (MOPS)). The presenters are Nick Bloom (Stanford and NBER), Julia Lane (National Science Foundation), and Lucia Foster (U.S. Census Bureau). David Waldman (Arizona State) will serve as a discussant. Program Session #: 296, Saturday, Aug 4 2012 11:00AM - 12:30PM at Westin Copley Place in St. George C & D 

Academy of Management Perspectives: Showcase Symposium on Agency Theory. Distinguished Speaker: Michael Jensen (Harvard University). Since the publication of the seminal articles on agency theory in the 1970s, agency theoretic thinking has not only pervaded Economics & Finance but Management as well. Michael Jensen will be giving a short presentation of the relevance of agency theory and we will have ample time for an exciting interactive discussion. Program Session #: 794, Monday, Aug 6 2012 9:00AM - 10:30AM at Westin Copley Place in Adams. 

Although none of these sessions require formal registration we ask that you express your interest by filling in the form at: 

Timothy M. Devinney & Donald Siegel, Editors, Academy of Management Perspectives

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