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International new ventures – rapid internationalization across different industry contexts

International new venture firms have attracted significant attention amongst researchers of international business, and further reflected by increasing number of studies in recent decades. Seminal works of Oviatt and McDougall (1994) define International new ventures (INVs) as ``business organisations that from inception seeks to derive significant competitive advantage from the use of resources and the sale of outputs in multiple countries'' (p. 46). This growing body of literature examines firms that internationalize soon after their inception. While there are many titles given to the phenomenon ``born global'' and ``international new ventures'', these terms have become somewhat interchangeable, as have the criteria used to categorize them. Although many definitions have emerged underpinning this type of firm, global start-ups, Born Globals, instant internationals, global hi- tech firms (Rialp et al., 2005), most researchers have used the term INV as it is probably the most encompassing depiction of these firms. Research identifies these firms to possess a number of characteristics. In particular, INVs are found to be typically led by a manager or a management team with a unique constellation of competencies and capabilities enabling them to better combine resources from different national markets to achieve rapid international growth soon after the firm's founding. Despite the growing number of studies in the last decades, there is need to further explore how these firms can achieve and sustain competitive advantage and international growth throughout their life-cycle such as in the early, growth and mature phases of their internationalization process, and what are the eventual outcomes of this developments (see e.g. Kuivalainen et al., 2012).

Similarly, there has been relatively little research on role and influence of the nature and role of industry factors on the internationalization process of INVs (Andersson, 2004, 2006; Evers, 2010, 2011; Fernhaber et al., 2007). Jones et al. (2011) identified 323 relevant journal articles published in the period 1989-2009 in the international entrepreneurship area. The largest thematic area (96 papers, 30 per cent) in their review focused on patterns and processes in internationalization. However, of these papers only seven focused on industry/environmental influences on the internationalization process of INVs. In contrast to strategic management literature, where industrial factors are regarded as one of the most influential factors for strategy formulation and development, knowledge is limited on the role of industry context in the international entrepreneurship literature. Few studies have addressed the influence of industry-specific features on INV internationalization and hence no clear theoretical understanding exists of how industry factors influence the international development and growth of INVs.

In the above context, manuscripts are invited on topics related to the issues described above and including:

.comparative studies of INVs across different industry contexts;

.longitudinal studies focusing on internationalization patterns of INVs operating in different industries;

.the evolutionary path of the INV across different industry contexts;

.application of theoretical perspectives from various disciplines such as entrepreneurship, learning and dynamic capabilities examining INVs;

.the role of industry cluster and local networks in the internationalization processes of INVs;

.typologies of internationalization paths in growing and maturing INVs;

.the role of industry-specific institutions influencing new venture internationalization; and

.contributions to methodology for research on rapid internationalizing growing firms.

Submissions are not limited to these topics. Both conceptual and empirical papers are welcome.

European Business Review is compiling a special issue on ``International new ventures – rapid internationalization across different industry contexts''. European Business Review provides interesting, innovative and relevant articles which add to the understanding of European business as well as wider international influences affecting Europe. We invite researchers to submit papers on business research topics – e.g. management, managerial finance, marketing, operations research and tourism. Other topics will also be considered. Papers may be empirical or practical in nature, but should present managerial issues of interest to European researchers and managers.

The deadline for submission of papers for this special issue is February 25, 2013. Submissions should be made using ScholarOne Manuscripts. Registration and access is available at: http://


Svante Andersson, Halmstad University, Sweden
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Natasha Evers, National University of Ireland (NUIG) Galway, Ireland
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Olli Kuivalainen, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
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Göran Svensson, Oslo School of Management, Norway
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The format for submissions to the European Business Review can be found at: Those with questions about the acceptability of proposed topics are urged to contact one of the guest editors as soon as possible.


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