Integrated Pest Management for Organic and Sustainable farmers-web tools, scouting and understanding degree days
June 21, Thursday from 2:00-3:30 (EST)

To join the meeting on June 21 at 2 pm EST Click on this link:

If you cannot attend the live presentation the webinar will be available for later viewing on website.  

Outline of IPM Webinar

1) Introduction: (challenges of producing a crop)

2) Pest Management

a) History

3) What is IPM?

4) What you need to know for effective IPM Decision-making

i) Pest Life Cycles

5) The effects of weather

i) How weather affects the crop and pests

ii) Effects of wind and fronts, moisture, sunlight, and


6) Degree-days. 

a.) What are they, how to calculate

b) Using degree-days to predict pest occurrence

7) Disease predictions

8) Sources of weather information

a) Enviroweather

b) Other web-based Resources

9) Predictions vs. actual. The importance of monitoring

10) Scouting

i) Methods (general)

(1) Scouting site selection

(2) Frequency

11) Examples: predicting and monitoring for pests

i) Tomatoes

ii) Corn

iii) Apples

Sponsored by North Central SARE and Center For Regional Food System at Michigan State University

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Vicki Morrone
Center for Regional Food Systems at Michigan State University
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