Hi everyone,

The Senate Agriculture Committee’s version of the 2012 Farm Bill is up for
debate by the full Senate this week.  *But it looks like they forgot to
include a few things in the farm bill - like robust funding for rural
development and beginning and socially disadvantaged farmer programs.*

That’s right!  Programs that boost jobs through rural entrepreneurship,
invest in the future of American agriculture, and provide assistance to
historically underserved farmers received little to no funding in the
Committee’s bill.

*How could these important programs get left behind?*

Fortunately, there is still a chance to ensure that these programs are not
forgotten.  Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), along with other interested
Senators, is considering offering an amendment in the next few days that
restores funding to crucial rural development and beginning and socially
disadvantaged farmer programs, including:

   - Value-Added Producer

   - Rural Microentrepeneur Assistance

   - Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development

   - Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and
   Ranchers Program (Section

Will you support this effort to ensure the 2012 Farm Bill creates jobs in
rural America and invests in the next generation of farmers?  *

*Call your Senators TODAY and ask for their support on this amendment:*

Sen. Carl Levin
(202) 224-6221
Sen. Debbie Stabenow
(202) 224-4822

*Tell your Senators**: ** Please ensure that rural communities and the
future of American agriculture are not left out of the farm bill.  Senator
Sherrod Brown is considering an amendment that funds important programs
like Value-Added Producer Grants and the Rural Microentrepeneur Assistance
Program - two programs that create jobs and spur economic growth through
food and farms.  And this potential amendment invests critical funding in
the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program and Outreach and
Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers Program - two
programs that support the future of American agriculture.  Please support
our rural communities and future farmers by reaching out to Senator Brown
and supporting this amendment.*

Your Senators need to hear that you want a farm bill with real reform and
real improvements for our rural places and the future of farming.  Don’t
delay - the Senate is about to start debate on the 2012 Farm Bill, so they
need to hear from you TODAY.

Thank you for all that you do,
Lindsey Scalera
*Michigan Voices for Good Food Policy*
Grassroots Organizer
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