Dear colleagues:

I am delighted to let you know about a new paper award, to be given at the AIB conference, which is being sponsored by the Aalto University School of Economics (formerly known as the Helsinki School of Economics). The Aalto University School of Economics “That’s Interesting!” Award recognizes the AIB conference paper that most effectively pushes the boundaries of our existing knowledge in the field. The criteria for the award are based on the extent to which the paper:


·         crosses boundaries,

·         challenges taken-for-granted assumptions in the field,

·         denies old “truths”,

·         attracts the reader’s attention, and

·         makes an original argument.


The award has been named after Murray S. Davis’ seminal article about how to define what is interesting in social sciences (Davis, M.S. 1971. That’s interesting! Towards a phenomenology of sociology and sociology of phenomenology. Philosophy of the Social Sciences, 1: 309-344). Nominations for the award are made by the AIB conference track chairs, and the award includes a plaque and US$1000.


The 2012 selection committee consists of Elizabeth L. Rose (Aalto University School of Economics), D. Eleanor Westney (Schulich School of Business, York University), and Udo Zander (Stockholm School of Economics).


The winner of the inaugural Aalto University School of Economics “That’s Interesting!” Award will be announced at the 2012 AIB conference, on Sunday, 1st July, at the afternoon coffee break (15.45-16.15, in the Atrium Hall). The 10 nominated papers are shown below, with the associated AIB manuscript ID and session numbers:

Superstar Inventors in Foreign Subsidiaries of the MNC (ID# 739, Session 2.1.4)

Katarina Blomkvist, Uppsala University

Philip Kappen, Uppsala University

Ivo Zander, Uppsala University


How and When Does Integrated Product Innovativeness Affect New Product Performance in Developed and Emerging Economies? (ID# 781, Session 3.3.4)

Nathaniel Boso, University of Leeds

John W. Cadogan, Loughborough University

Vicky M. Story, University of Nottingham

Grace Abekah, Gracious Pearl Academy


Who is Seeking Strategic Assets for Competitive Catch-Up? Broadening the Awareness-Motivation-Capability Framework (ID# 248, Session 1.1.5)

Lin Cui, Australian National University

Klaus Meyer, China Europe International Business School

Helen Hu, University of Melbourne


Innovations as Drivers of Headquarters' Attention Allocation and the Orchestration of Transfer Projects (ID# 170, Session 1.5.5)

Henrik Dellestrand, Uppsala University

Demystifying the Myth about Marginals: Implications for Global Leadership (ID# 1011, Session 2.3.9)

Stacey Fitzsimmons, Western Michigan University

Yih-teen Lee, IESE Business School

Mary Yoko Brannen, INSEAD


Effectuation and Networking of Internationalizing SMEs (ID# 34, Session 3.3.5)

Tamara Galkina, Hanken School of Economics

Sylvie Chetty, Massey University


Cross-Listings, Stage of Internationalization and Firm Performance (ID# 483, Session 2.1.5)

Xueji Jessie Liang, National University of Singapore

Jane Lu, National University of Singapore


Does the Global Fragmentation of R&D Activities Pay Back? The Home Region Perspective (ID# 361, Session 1.5.4)

Grazia D. Santangelo, University of Catania

Lorena M. D'Agostino, University of Catania


Employment Protection and Delocation with Firm Heterogeneity (ID# 761, Session 3.3.12)

Yama Temouri, Aston University

Gerda Dewit, NUI Maynooth

Holger Gorg, Kiel University


Institutions sans Frontières: International Agreements and Foreign Investment (ID# 132, Session 2.4.5)

Robert J Weiner, George Washington University

Srividya Jandhyala, George Washington University


Warmest congratulations to all of the nominees for the 2012 Aalto University School of Economics “That’s Interesting!” Award! Please join us on Sunday,  1st July, when the winning paper is announced.

Best regards - and safe travels to all who are heading to Washington,


Elizabeth L Rose

Professor of International Business

Aalto University School of Economics 


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