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Sending students abroad, having them work in international student teams, and having them investigate real opportunities for real businesses all increase the currency and relevance of international business education, but they are challenging to implement.  In this panel session we present strategies for dealing with these challenges based on a 4-year Canada-EU project (Interparse: International Trade Education in Partnership with Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) that involved 6 business schools, 31 businesses, and several hundred students (65 of whom completed international exchanges).  We argue that course-based export/import projects are an extraordinarily effective way of teaching students to plan and implement trade projects, and that the attendant challenges (managing free rider problems in student teams, recruiting and working with business participants, keeping students on track in such complex projects, etc.) are manageable.


Desired Participation

Everyone is welcome.  Our purpose is to share what we learned in the Interparse Project, to learn from others who have run similar projects (there will be plenty of time after our presentation for questions, comments and discussion), and to provide an opportunity for faculty who are running, or considering running, such projects to meet and identify prospective partners for future projects.  If you would like to use this session to identify prospective partners for course-based export/import projects and would like to have your contact information made available to participants, please complete the following table and email it to me at [log in to unmask].



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Approximate Dates of Semesters in which Projects will be Run

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AIB 2012 Annual Meeting- Washington D.C.

Sunday, July 1, 2012:  4:15-5:30 PM (Session 1.5.10 )

Ronald Reagan Building, room Oceanic A



Miroslaw Jarosi¨˝ski, Warsaw School of Economics

Michel Librowicz,  Universit¨¦ du Qu¨¦bec ¨¤ Montr¨¦al

Nick Robinson, North Island College


Thank you.  I look forward to seeing you in Washington.


Nick Robinson


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