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Asia Pacific Journal of Management (APJM) is the official journal of the Asia Academy of Management (a regional affiliate of the Academy of Management). We are pleased to share our second issue for 2012. The first part of this issue is the Special Issue on Leadership in Asia, guest edited by Long W. "Rico" Lam, Xu Huang, and Dora C. Lau, and featuring Robert Liden's Perspectives paper on leadership research in Asia. The second part has additional papers like our regular issues. If you follow the links on the page numbers listed in the Table of Contents below, you can go straight to the article sites. 

Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Volume 29 Number 2 June 2012

Special Issue: Leadership in Asia

Guest Editors: Long W. “Rico” Lam, Xu Huang, and Dora C. Lau





Contributing to the Asia Pacific Journal of Management

D. Ahlstrom           191




Leadership research in Asia: Taking the road less traveled?

L.W. Lam ; X. Huang ; D.C. Lau        195




Leadership research in Asia: A brief assessment and suggestions for the future

R.C. Liden             205




The distinctive effects of dual-level leadership behaviors on employees’ trust

in leadership: An empirical study from China

Y. Bai ; P.P. Li ; Y. Xi            213


Does transformational leadership facilitate technological innovation? The moderating

roles of innovative culture and incentive compensation

M.Y.-C. Chen ; C.Y.-Y. Lin ; H.-E. Lin ; E.F. McDonough III          239


Transformational leadership and gatekeeping leadership: The roles of norm

for maintaining consensus and shared leadership in team performance

J. Ishikawa            265


Benevolent leadership and follower performance: The mediating role of leader–member

exchange (LMX)

S.C.H. Chan ; W.-m. Mak                   285


Ownership structure, family leadership, and performance of affiliate firms in large

family business groups

H.-M. Chung ; S.-T. Chan                   303


Leaders’ social ties, knowledge acquisition capability and firm competitive advantage

J. Wu ; X. Chen                    331






A multi-level study of emergent group leadership: Effects of emotional stability

and group conflict

Y. Li ; C. Hui ; N.M. Ashkanasy ; D. Ahlstrom                 351


The development of entrepreneurship in Chinese communities: An organizational

symbiosis perspective

J. Li ; M.N. Young ; G. Tang               367


The effects of institutional ties on knowledge acquisition in uncertain environments

K. Xu ; K.-F. Huang ; S. Gao              387


Entrepreneurial orientation and SME performance in China’s changing environment:

The moderating effects of strategies

Z. Tang ; J. Tang                  409


Shared rewards and goal interdependence for psychological safety among departments

in China

G. Chen ; D. Tjosvold          433


Organizational culture and partner interaction in the management of international

joint ventures in India

F. Damanpour ; C. Devece ; C.C. Chen ; V. Pothukuchi              453


Managerial ownership and the role of privatization in transition economies:

The case of China

L. Wang ; W.Q. Judge         479


The private benefits of control in Chinese listed firms: Do case flow rights always reduce

controlling shareholders’ tunneling?

J.-h. Luo ; D.-f. Wan ; D. Cai              499

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