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The Journal of Teaching in International Business (JTIB) invites papers that provide fresh insights for the teaching and practice of international business. JTIB will publish high quality blind refereed and invited papers that add to our knowledge or challenge accepted dogma, theory, or practice.  Ideally, articles in JTIB should focus on the application of empirical research methods to problems faced by academic and practitioner educators in international business as well as by designers and implementers of international business programs and curricula. we invite manuscripts that stress important issues in IB education including those that address issues of learning outcomes and curricular and program design. Papers that improve the practical application of IB theory with better communication and clinical and empirical papers that present clear evidence challenging accepted IB theory and conceptual frameworks are also of interest. Papers that survey business practice in IB communication or papers that provide insights based on reviews of the literature in a particular area of IB are also encouraged. The goal of JTIB is to serve the global community of its customers (all teachers of international business including academics and business people) by providing the value-added material that advances international business practice and education. Manuscripts that use empirical and scientific methodology in evaluating the results of teaching and program design innovations are particularly preferred. 


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Featuring articles written by authors from the following institutions:

University of Memphis, Berry College, University of Warwick, University of Reading, University of Hawaii, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia, AACSB International, Hang Seng Management College, Jones International University, Lahore University of Management Sciences, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Providence College, University of KwaZulu-Natal, University of Akron, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, ISCTE Lisbon University Institute, Lingnan University, University of Richmond, University of New Mexico, University of North Florida, Weber State University, University of Wisconsin, Ohio University, Macquarie University, The Robert Wang Center for International Business, University of Twente, University of New South Wales



Journal of Teaching in International Business

Volume 22, Issue 1

Table of Contents


Scholarship of Teaching International Business: Challenges and Opportunities

Raj Aggarwal and John W. Goodell


Internationalizing Business Education for Globally Competent Managers

Ben L. Kedia and Paula D. Englis


Relevance and Rigour in International Business Teaching: Using the CSA-FSA Matrix

Simon C. Collinson and Alan M. Rugman


Integrating Experiential Learning and Cases into International Business

Prem Ramburuth and Shirley Daniel


Developing a Driving Forces-Based International Business Mind Set: Integrating Demographics, Sustainability, Technology, and Globalization

Raj Aggarwal


Journal of Teaching in International Business

Volume 22, Issue 2

Table of Contents


Valuing Short-Term Study Abroad in Business

Chung-Ping A. Loh, Jeffrey W. Steagall, Andrés Gallo and Jeffrey E. Michelman


Examining intercultural growth for business students in short-term study abroad programs: Too good to be true?

Nicole L. Gullekson, Mary L. Tucker, Garth Coombs, Jr., Scott B. Wright


Course-Specific Motivated Learning and Outcomes:

The Role of the Perceived Task Value of Course-Specific Assignments

Li Ling-yee


Higher Education Students’ Attitudes Towards Experiential Learning In International Business

Meena Chavan


Journal of Teaching in International Business

Volume 22, Issue 3

Table of Contents


Internationalization of China’s MBA education: Failing to walk the talk?

Shaozhuang Ma, Virginia Trigo


Integrating ethics into international business teaching:  Challenges and methodologies in the Greater China context

Paul Whitla


Implementation of service-learning in business education:  Issues and challenges

Patrick Poon, Tsang Sing Chan, Lianxi Zhou


A framework: Learning outcomes and lessons learned for an undergraduate short-term study abroad in China

P. Candace Deans


Being an educator in a foreign environment: One road to becoming internationalized

Gerald Albaum

Journal of Teaching in International Business

Volume 22, Issue 4

Table of Contents


Globalization of Management Education

Robert F. Bruner, Juliane Iannarelli


Can Accreditation-related Requirements and Mission Statements Measure Learning Outcomes?

Shirley Yeung-Mo Ching


A Tri-Country Marketing Project—Preparing Students for the Realities of a Global Marketplace

Ina Freeman, Peter Knight, Irfan Butt


Managing Global Virtual Teams Across Classrooms, Students and Faculty

Timothy Shea, Pamela Sherer, Rosemary Quilling, and Craig Blewett


Review: The Determinants of Chinese Outward Direct Foreign Investment (by Hinrich Voss)

Raj Aggarwal


Editorial Board


Tamir Agmon, University of Gotherburg, Sweden

Yair Aharoni, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Daniel C. Bello, Georgia State University, USA

Jean J. Boddewyn, Baruch College-CUNY, USA

Nakiye A. Boyaciqiller, Sabanci University, Turkey

Mark Casson, University of Reading, UK

S. Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University, USA

T.S. Chan, Lingnan University, China

Joe Cheng, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Dong-Sung Cho, Seoul National University, Korea

Shirley Daniel, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

Sandra Dow, Monterrey Institute of International Studies, USA

Pervez Ghauri, King’s College London, UK

Joanne Goodell, Cleveland State University, USA

Sidney J. Gray, University of Sydney, Australia

David Griffith, Michigan State University, USA

Robert Grosse, George Mason University

Elaine Hutson, Monash University, Australia

Laurent Jacque, Tufts University, USA

Subhash C. Jain, University of Connecticut, USA

Colm Kearney, Monash University, Australia

Benwari Kedia, University of Memphis, USA

Jeff Krug, Loyola University of New Orleans, USA

Sumit Kundu, Florida International University, USA

Chuck CY Kwok, University of South Carolina, USA

Brian Lucey, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Klaus Macharzina, Universitaet Hohenheim, Germany

Shige Makino, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Lars Oxelheim, Lund University, Sweden

M.W. Peng, University of Texas at Dallas, USA

David M. Reeb, Temple University, USA

Elizabeth Rose, Aalto University, Finland

Robert Scherer, Cleveland State University, USA

Manuel Serapio, University of Colorado at Denver, USA

Kenneth Simmonds, London Business School, UK

Rosalie L. Tung, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Alain C. Verbeke, University of Calgary, Canada

Mira Wilkins, Florida International University, USA

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