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International Business Review
Special Issue on The Role of Knowledge and Learning in 

Guest Editors
Josť Pla-Barber (University of Valencia)
Joaquin Alegre (University of Valencia)

The international strategy is enhanced by the organizationís ability 
to learn. From this perspective, internationalization is viewed as a 
process of learning and knowledge accumulation (Brouthers et al., 
2009). Learning alters the manner in which firms see and interpret 
the world and identify knowledge gaps in foreign markets. Knowledge 
and learning play a central role in the internationalization 
processes of the firm in a different number of ways (Petersen, 
Pedersen & Lyles, 2008). 
The international firm needs to learn and use knowledge on the 
different international markets it is operating in. Knowledge 
acquisition is one of the key factors behind a firmís international 
behavior in terms of selection of foreign markets, entry modes and 
the speed of the process. 
Different markets imply different consumersí needs and wants. 
Learning is essential for product adaptation as well as for achieving 
product innovation successfully (Kafouros et al., 2008). 
International firms tend to have an outstanding innovative capability 
that they exploit in several markets (Pla-Barber and Alegre, 2007).
The international firm also has to deal with knowledge flows with 
other firms. The transferability of technological knowledge across 
borders enables early and rapid internationalization. Absorptive 
capacity and open innovation are also decisive processes through 
which international firms can integrate external knowledge and launch 
attractive new products to the international markets. Finally, 
internal knowledge sharing is also an essential issue for 
multinational corporations (Buckley and Ghauri, 2004; Michailova and 
Minbaeva, 2012) in order to achieve effective coordination. 
Organizational routines and structures are better integrated for 
internationalization when firms develop and retain abilities to learn 
and share knowledge.

This Special Issue focuses on these knowledge processes that allow 
the international firm to outperform its competitors in the 
international arena.

Subject coverage
Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

Adaptation to changes in foreign markets
Absorptive Capacity and Open Innovation
Dynamic capabilities related to internationalization processes
Dynamic capabilities related to knowledge processes
Knowledge sharing within multinational corporations
Knowledge and learning in entrepreneurial firms 
Co-location and International Networks of knowledge
Links between modes of learning and internationalization strategies
Knowledge and learning in the expatriation process.
Links between national/organizational culture and knowledge learning 
and sharing
Managerial intentionality and learning-based aspects of 

Notes for Prospective Authors
Submitted papers should not have been previous published nor be 
currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. All papers 
are refereed through a peer review process. A guide for authors and 
other relevant information for submitting papers are available on 
IBRís web page (

Important Dates
The deadline for submission is: September 30, 2012.

Editors and Notes
You may send one copy in the form of a PDF file attached to an email 
(details in IBRís Guide for Authors) to the following:

Josť Pla-Barber, Professor
Department of Management. 
Faculty of Economics
University of Valencia
Phone: +34 963828917
e-mail: [log in to unmask]	

Joaquin Alegre, Professor
Department of Management
Faculty of Economics
University of Valencia
Phone: +34 963828312
e-mail: [log in to unmask]

Please include in your submission the title of the Special Issue.


Dr. Josť Pla-Barber
Professor of International Business
Department of Management.University of Valencia.
Avda naranjos s/n. Faculty of Economics.
46022. Valencia. Spain.
Tlf.+34 963828312

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