Dear AIB-L members, 


I'm getting a good number of inquiries and wrongly addressed emails lately,
so it's probably a good time to go over a few basics.  Please keep this
email so that you can refer to it when you need to post a message or change
your subscription options.





1)      Address:
To post a message to the list, please send it to [log in to unmask]  . You
will then be required to confirm your message (spam protection), and then it
will come to me for approval.  


2)      Subject Line:
Please put a DESCRIPTIVE subject line.  "Call for Papers" is not sufficient,
since it doesn't say what publication or conference it is for.  Keep in mind
that many members receive only a digest of subject headings, so if your
heading is not descriptive, they may not click on it.


3)      Attachments:
Please note that there is a limit to the size of attachments.  Your posting
will be rejected by the system if it's too large.  I cannot override this.
Your only choice is to delete the attachment or make it smaller (most
attachments are large because of print quality graphics on them)


4)      Moderation:
I only approve or reject postings, I cannot edit them.  Therefore, please do
NOT include any message to me such as "please post" in the message that you
send to the list, they will also get disseminated.  Simply type your
messages to the list as you would like all members to see it.  I approve all
non-spam messages unless: 


a.       it's not targeting AIB-L community (i.e., commercial messages
targeting companies or any other message that an IB faculty would not really
be interested in)


b.      it's a request to fill out a survey (we get a lot of these and it
was decided that AIB should not be a venue to get responses to surveys,
regardless of how interesting a survey is.  


c.       Your message is for a call for a track of another conference or
targets attendees planning to attend another conference.  We are happy to
include conference announcements for other conferences in general. However,
there are some conferences with 20+ tracks, with each track having a
separate call for papers.  To minimize the list traffic, we typically try to
encourage organizers to send one announcement to the list, referring the
subscribers to a website where they can see all tracks, instead of allowing
numerous call for papers for the conference to go through the list.  


d.      Your message was already posted within the last 15 days.   We would
like to  minimize repetitive postings as much as possible.


5)      Cost:
There is no cost to post messages to the list. It's a free service AIB
provides to the IB community.






6)      Archives:
The archives for the list are available at  if you missed a message, or would
like to locate an old message.

7)      Settings through website:
You can also use the "Join or leave the list (or change settings)" link on
that page to change your email address, unsubscribe, re-subscribe, switch to
a digest, or temporarily stop receiving messages (vacation mode).  

8)      Settings through email:
If you prefer using email for those, the correct address to send commands
for the listserv is  [log in to unmask] . Type the following commands in
the body of your email:


a.       To unsubscribe:   SIGNOFF AIB-L

b.      To change your email address:   CHANGE AIB-L  yournewemailaddress

c.       To temporarily stop list messages:  SET AIB-L NOMAIL    (and when
you want to start receiving them again:  SET AIB-L MAIL)

d.      To only receive a Digest or Index, rather than individual emails,
try one of the following.  Each is slightly different and may or may not
work with your email software or your preferences. Change from one to
another until you find one that you like:  

SET AIB-L NOMIME DIGEST    (you will receive all messages in a single text

SET AIB-L NOHTML MIME DIGEST (you will receive a Table of Contents, with all
list messages as attachments)

SET AIB-L HTML INDEX  (you will receive an index with links to the archive
site for the actual message)

SET AIB-L NOHTML INDEX (you will just receive a text index and will have to
go manually to the archive site to read messages)






9)      Human Assistance:
To reach a human (me!),  send your messages to [log in to unmask]



Thank you for reading through these reminders.


Best Regards,




Tunga Kiyak, Ph.D.

Managing Director

Academy of International Business (AIB)

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