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December 14-16, 2012 SMS Special Conference Guangzhou, China

Deadline for Proposal Submission, June 1, 2012


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                                                                                                                      Ming-Jer Chen                     Yadong Luo

                                                                                                                      University of Virginia             University of Miami




                                                                                                                                      Yan (Anthea) Zhang           Jeff Reuer                  Shujun Zhang

                                                                                                                                          Rice University            Purdue University         Sun Yat-Sen University



The Strategic Management Society is pleased to announce a special conference in Guangzhou, China. This special conference will provide a platform to bring strategy, management and business scholars and practitioners together to discuss and develop strategies for how local and foreign firms can compete and cooperate within China and within the international market.


Foreign and multinational corporations entering and operating in China have shifted their principal strategies to respond to the ever-changing competitive and regulatory environment. These new strategies have resulted in a status shift, where these companies are no longer merely ¡°foreign investors¡±; they have become ¡°strategic insiders¡± who view their large-scale Chinese operations as key to their overall corporate success. Many of these firms realize that China¡¯s growing economy provides numerous win-win opportunities through cooperation with the local business community. At the same time, China is becoming an extremely competitive market for most deregulated sectors and consumer products, forcing foreign companies to fiercely compete against local companies that are more cost effective and faster in product development.


In short, China offers a complex stage to present, discuss and develop strategies that will guide how local and foreign corporations cooperate and compete within China¡¯s dynamic market. The aim of this conference is not only to unveil winning strategies in competition, cooperation and co-opetition, but also to identify what is good for China.



To this end, we invite proposals that focus on the forces, conditions, processes and outcomes of new strategic management models that address competition, cooperation and co-opetition in and for China. Potential topics relating to firms operating in and for China include (but are not limited to):

l  Competitive strategies and related business policies that lead to success in China;

l  Cooperative and partnership strategies that enhance performance;

l  Network building, maintenance, evolution and reconstruction in China;

l  Global integration and local responsiveness by foreign firms in China and Chinese firms in foreign markets;

l  Mergers and acquisitions undertaken by foreign and Chinese firms;

l  Diversification, divestiture and restructuring of Chinese firms;

l  Corporate governance system of Chinese firms;

l  Competitive and cooperative strategies by Chinese entrepreneurs;

l  Building, leveraging and upgrading Chinese firms¡¯ competitive advantages in global competition;

l  Management, governance and evolution of international joint ventures;

l  Strategies in entering, competing and cooperating in overseas market by Chinese firms;

l  Reorganization and restructuring of international joint ventures;

l  Co-opetition within international joint ventures or cooperative alliances;

l  Foreign multinationals¡¯ post-entry strategies in competition, innovation, diversification, localization and governance;

l  Origin, process and path outcome of co-opetition with other players (e.g. government, suppliers, distributors, rivals);

l  Shifting competitive, technological, regulatory and global landscapes and conditions that prompt new strategies and external environments;

l  Imitation and innovation vs. competition and cooperation;

l  Roles of top management teams, leadership, cross-cultural and human resources in competition and cooperation;

l  Competition and cooperation among units within a business group;

l  Business ethics and corporate social responsibility of firms competing in China;

l  Social enterprise, social entrepreneurship and strategies for sustainability.


This conference offers an opportunity to address these issues and deepen our understanding of competing and cooperating in and for China. With these and additional relevant topics, the conference opens up new opportunities by bringing together leaders from the research, business and consulting arenas for intriguing and in-depth discussions.



Proposals (5-7 pages, for paper and panel sessions) relating to the

conference theme are invited. Only original, unpublished work is sought.


Deadline for Submission of Proposals: June 1, 2012

To learn more about the

SMS Special Conference in Guangzhou, China

and the submission process, please go to:




June 1, 2012         Submission Deadline for Proposals

June 8, 2012         Co-Author Confirmation Deadline

Mid-July, 2012       Notifications of Program Review Committee Decisions

August 20, 2012      Applications for Doctoral Consortium Due

Applications for Faculty Development Workshop Due

August 24, 2012      Early Registration and Presenter Registration Deadline

December 14-16, 2012 SMS Special Conference Guangzhou, China

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