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Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Bank Marketing

Far Eastern Banking: in what direction is the Tiger moving?

A recent McKinsey study has revealed ‘the changing face of Asian personal financial services’. The study suggests that consumer behaviour is changing rapidly in Asia with consumers preferring local rather than international banks. Customer satisfaction generally is high, yet paradoxically, customer loyalty is decreasing. Economic growth in the region has fuelled the savings and investment business, but Asian customers are reluctant to borrow from banks. Such conservative consumer behaviour stands in contrast to the shift from brick-and-mortar branches to on-line channels such as Internet and mobile banking. Customers want flexible and proactive banks, but how should banks respond to the new hybrid of progressive and conservative consumer attitudes and behaviour in the Far Eastern region?

The goal of this special issue is to shed light on the above changes in the banking sector in the ‘Far East’, namely China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Papers need to be theory-driven and evidence-based to be considered. In line with the nature of the journal, articles need to provide insights for academics and practitioners alike.

Contributions that would be welcome for this special issue include, but are not limited to:
- Customer satisfaction and loyalty: can Western concepts be applied to understand Far Eastern banking?
- Country of origin effect in banking services: does the concept apply to financial services in the Far East?
- Competitiveness: how does the concept relate to banking in the Far Eastern region?
- Channels: do Far Eastern consumers move to mobile banking, revolutionising banking as we understand it?
- Branding: can the globalisation of Chinese, Japanese and Korean brands in consumer electronics be replicated in banking?
- Internal marketing: how can high service quality expectations in the Far East be met?
- Employer branding: does ethnicity of the service provider matter in the Far East?

The deadline for submission is 31 March 2012. The special issue is scheduled to be published in early 2013. Manuscripts of approximately 5,000 words, following the journal’s manuscript guidelines (, should be submitted using Scholar One’s Manuscript Central online submission system. This is accessible at: Manuscripts must be original work (preferably empirical; but theoretical work and case studies will also be considered) and not under consideration by any other journal or publication outlet.

The initial submission will be reviewed by the Guest Editors and, if deemed suitable, then placed for double-blind review with experts in the field.

Prospective contributors with questions concerning the potential suitability of topics or additional requirements about this special issue are invited to contact directly by e-mail:
Dr Chris Baumann, Macquarie University
Sydney, Australia
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