The Social Contract with Business: beyond the quest for global



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“For too long the social contract with business remained vague, unwritten
and suspect of undermining the profit motive of the firm . . .” (Page xi)


This book is about the Social Contract with Business as a means to deliver
humanity’s global sustainability mandate.

From a well researched Socratic dialogue with today’s leaders and thinkers
in the West, East, and South emerged action-oriented answers to the
questions: What kind of future does humanity want?; What society for such a
future?; What business for such a society?; What business leader for such a
business?; What education for such a business leader?

In a conversational style the reader is taken on a journey away from today’s
world of destructive globalisation. Slowly, meticulously, and excitingly the
reader is introduced to a new global agenda, a new mode of doing business as
an organ of society; new wisdom, new success criteria, a new language, a new
canon of business knowledge, and a new paradigm for business leadership

This conversation has been enriched with more than 100 practical examples,
more than 100 reflection points, and an exposé of fallacies and blind spots.

The book concludes with guidelines on how to apply the Social Contract with
Business in your organisation . . . in any country, and in any sector of
human endeavour.

This book is written for all who dare to care.


This book is timely, authentic and a first of its kind - it concludes eight
years of research and writing.


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 Dr. Jopie Coetzee 

[Johannesburg, South Africa]




Author of:

The social contract with business: beyond the quest for global

The social contract with business as the basis for a postmodern MBA in a

world of inclusive globalisation: a critical metasynthesis.







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