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Management and Organization Review, Volume 8, Issue 1 (March 2012), presents a special issue on Indigenous Management Research with four exciting articles, a commentary by Andy Van de Ven and Runtian Jing, and an introduction from guest editors Peter Ping Li, Kwok Leung, Chao C. Chen, and Jar-Der Luo. In addition, there are three regular articles on the same theme: one meta-analysis of the guanxi literature at the firm level, a three-decade review of the contribution of context in Chinese management research, and a look at Brazilian management studies.

We hope you will enjoy reading this issue's interesting articles!
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Management and Organization Review
(c) 2012 The International Association for Chinese Management Research

Volume 8, Issue 1 Pages 1 - 251, March 2012<>

Special Issue: Indigenous Management Research in China

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Indigenous Chinese Management Research: Like It or Not, We Need It (pages 1-5)<>
Kwok Leung

From the Guest Editors

Indigenous Research on Chinese Management: What and How (pages 7-24)<>
Peter Ping Li, Kwok Leung, Chao C. Chen and Jar-Der Luo

Special Issue Articles

Yin Yang: A New Perspective on Culture (pages 25-50)<>
Tony Fang

A Relational View of Organizational Restructuring: The Case of Transitional China (pages 51-75)<>
Dali Ma

The Structure of Chinese Cultural Traditions: An Empirical Study of Business Employees in China (pages 77-95)<>
Yaotian Pan, Julie A. Rowney and Mark F. Peterson

Perceived Interactional Justice and Trust-in-supervisor as Mediators for Paternalistic Leadership (pages 97-121)<>
Min Wu, Xu Huang, Chenwei Li and Wu Liu

Special Issue Commentary
Indigenous Management Research in China from an Engaged Scholarship Perspective (pages 123-137)<>
Andrew H. Van de Ven and Runtian Jing

Regular Articles

Guanxi and Organizational Performance: A Meta-Analysis (pages 139-172)<>
Yadong Luo, Ying Huang and Stephanie Lu Wang

Chinese Context and Theoretical Contributions to Management and Organization Research: A Three-decade Review (pages 173-209)<>
Liangding Jia, Shuyang You and Yunzhou Du

Indigenous or Imported Knowledge in Brazilian Management Studies: A Quest for Legitimacy? (pages 211-232)<>
Suzana B. Rodrigues, Roberto Gonzalez Duarte and Alexandre de Padua Carrieri

Chinese Abstracts

Chinese Abstracts (pages 233-237)<>

Call for Papers

Special Issue on 'Building Sustainable Organizations in China' (pages 243-245)<>

Special Issue on 'Ambiguity and Decision Making in Chinese Organizations and Thought' (pages 247-248)<>

Special Issue on 'Expanding Research on Family Business in China' (pages 249-251)<>

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