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Academy of Management Africa Conference The first-ever Academy of Management conference to be held outside of North America will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from January 7 to 10 2013. Unlike the typical conference in which collaborators share the answers to their research questions, this conference is about discovering questions worth asking and building collaborative relationships to answer them.

In this spirit, we invite initial proposals for workshops to be held at the conference. Workshops should not be *presentations* but rather *interactive experiences* that stimulate dialogue, raise questions, and point to action. They may concern teaching, research, and/or hands-on engagement with practitioners in any four of the conference theme tracks (see below). We are especially looking for cross-institutional proposals and participants from diverse backgrounds, where possible across continents.




Engaging Practitioners

Institutions: Business, Government, Society Emerging Market Firms and MNCs: Characteristics and Global Aspirations The Base of the Pyramid: Emerging Market Consumers, Workers, and Managers Cultural Diversity and Transformational Societies In your proposal, please state:

1) Your broad topic/track (e.g. Engaging practitioners around Cultural Diversity or Research in the Base of the Pyramid);

2) The specific dimension or aspect that your team is focusing on (e.g.

forgiveness or mobile banking) and why this focus area matters;

3) What your team will do during the workshop, and how;

4) Who the team members are, their experience in this topic/theme, and why they are qualified to facilitate the session Workshops can be 2 or 4 hours long; please state the duration in your proposal. Proposals should be a maximum of two pages long, and will be assessed by the Organizing Committee. The shortlisted proposals will then be further developed. It is expected that if the workshop is accepted, all of the individuals who are on that workshop will also attend the conference.

The deadline for submitting a proposal for workshops is May 15 2012.

Proposals should be sent to [log in to unmask] with the subject *AOM Africa Conference Workshop Proposal*.

Romie Frederick Littrell, BA, MBA, PhD, FIAIR
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
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