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The latest issue of European Business Review has published - there are article of relevance to several difference disciplines in the table of contents below, hence the cross-posting. 
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Article Title: Deinternationalisation: towards a coevolutionary framework
Authors: Colin Turner
Keywords: Coevolution, Deinternationalization, International business, Multinational companies, Organizational processes, Strategic change
Pages: 92-105
Article Title: Identifying the characteristics of small specialist international retailers
Authors: Karise Hutchinson, Barry Quinn
Keywords: International business, International retailing, Niche marketing, Retailing, Small enterprises, Small firm, Specialist
Pages: 106-119
Article Title: Invisible communication: a challenge to established marketing communication
Authors: Åke Finne, Tore Strandvik
Keywords: Brand management, Invisible communication, Marketing communications, Relationship communication, Service-dominant logic
Pages: 120-133
Article Title: The impact of discontinuity on firms' business relationship behaviour
Authors: Amjad Hadjikhani, Cecilia Lindh, Peter Thilenius
Keywords: Adaptation, Business cycles, Channel relationships, Commitment, Cooperation, Market crisis, Project marketing, Sweden, Trust
Pages: 134-150
Article Title: Anatomy of crisis management: lessons from the infamous Toyota Case
Authors: Victor L. Heller, John R. Darling
Keywords: Acute, Chronic, Crisis management, Crisis states, Operations management, Preliminary, Resolution, Toyota, World class manufacturing
Pages: 151-168
Article Title: Capability perspective on business network formation: Empirical evidence from the wastewater treatment industry
Authors: Heiko Gebauer, Bernhard Truffer, Christian Binz, Eckhard Störmer
Keywords: Centralized control, Decentralized control, Water industry, Water supply and waste systems, Water treatment
Pages: 169-190

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