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I'm pleased to announce publication of the first 2012 issue of Multinational Business Review, edited by Alan Rugman.  Papers are listed below, and accessible online via this link.
The papers are freely available until the end of March, using the following codes:
Username: MBRissue1
Password: emerald
Best wishes (and apologies for cross posting – it seemed relevant to several lists)
Dr Martyn Lawrence
Senior Publisher
Editorial (Alan M. Rugman)
Title: Aspects of location and the regional MNE
Article Title: Location and collocation advantages in international innovation
Authors: Rajneesh Narula, Grazia D. Santangelo
Keywords: Collocation, Country-specific advantages, Eclectic paradigm, Foreign direct investment, Innovation, International business, Multinational enterprises
Pages: 6-25
Article Title: The Arab Spring, MNEs, and virtual public spheres
Authors: Mamoun Benmamoun, Morris Kalliny, Robert A. Cropf
Keywords: Arab Spring, International business, Multinational enterprises, Social networking sites, Virtual public spheres
Pages: 26-43
Article Title: Regional economic integration and international strategic alliances: evidence from the EU
Authors: Hadi S. Alhorr, Kimberly Boal, Birton J. Cowden
Keywords: Economic integration, European Union, International alliances, International business, Regionalization, Strategic alliances
Pages: 44-66
Article Title: Why MNCs tend to concentrate their activities in their home region
Authors: Joachim Wolf, Till Dunemann, William G. Egelhoff
Keywords: Home-region orientation, International business, International business theory, Multinational corporations, Organizational culture
Pages: 67-91
Article Title: A comment on China and “The social responsibility of international business scholars”
Authors: Ziyi Wei
Keywords: China, International business, International business scholars, Outward foreign direct investment, Private enterprises, Round-tripping, Social responsibility, State owned enterprises
Pages: 92-103

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