Handbook of Research on Islamic Business Ethics will be published by 
Edward Elgar, UK. The Handbook aims to provide relevant theoretical 
background and to present the most recent results of empirical research 
on business ethics in Islam. That is, the Handbook aims to capture the 
state of the research and suggest a direction for future studies. The 
collection of chapters in the Handbook includes original conceptual and 
empirical contributions.   These chapters should enrich the field of 
business ethics while enabling researchers and practitioners to 
understand the nature and scope of Islamic business ethics.

<>Conceptual and empirical contributions are sought. Topics include, but 
are not limited to, the following: Ethical Foundations in Islam, 
Theology and Market Exchange, Market and Corporate Social 
Responsibility, Market Competition and Public Policy, Work Centrality  
and Islamic Ethics, Social and Economic Justice, Employment and  
Organizational Relations, Morality of Personal Responsibility, and 
Globalization and Human Dignity.

Please send about 200 word proposal on or before June 22, 2012, clearly 
explaining the purpose of the chapter, with an outline of issues to be 
discussed, and the likely contribution of the proposed chapter. Send 
submissions to Abbas J. Ali at [log in to unmask]


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