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Subject: [FOODSPEAK] Community Garden survey

Today is the very last day, but if you're involved with or support community gardens, please take this survey so you and Michigan can be "counted"!

"Dear Community Gardeners,

Thank you to those who have filled out our community garden survey.   And to those who haven’t: today is the last day!  ACGA and Rutgers University invite you take part in a survey of ACGA members across the U.S. and Canada.   We began an online survey in November, and to date, we’ve received survey responses from 186 organizations representing 145 cities.  Results of the survey will be made available to the public on the ACGA website, at the 2012 ACGA conference in San Francisco, and other publications.

Click on this link<> to see an interactive map of the information we’ve collected to date.

We’ve developed a shorter survey to encourage as many responses as possible. This survey will be open from December 15 until February 15, 2012.  Please follow this link<> to complete the survey, (password:  acga).

Thank you for your time and input!
Laura, Luke, Laura and Beth"

Amanda Maria Edmonds
Executive Director, Growing Hope
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"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."
"To forget to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves."
                    -Mahatma Gandhi

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